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It is a voting day in several Livingston County School districts. Among the district’s asking for budget approval—Dansville, where the school board is submitting a 32 million dollar spending plan to voters—21 million comes from state aid. The budget would require cuts of around $440,000 and tapping into the reserve to stay under the tax cap. Superintendent Paul Alioto says that’s because of less state aid. Alioto that he is disappointed and discouraged that Albany isn’t providing local districts the funding they need to maintain programs and services. Even so, Alioto says it is a responsible budget and that the district is well positioned to maintain high educational quality for students. Voting in Dansville is from 8 to 8 at the High School Gym.

A woman from Livingston County is being charged with felony drunk driving after a crash in Avon. Sherrif’s deputies say 74-year old Nancy Corbett drove off Pole Bridge Road into a culvert and rolled back over onto to its wheels n the ditch. She was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and charged with DUI after she was released. The charge is a felony because deputies say she was convicted of drunk driving in 2012.

Some students in Livingston County have had a chance to see what a drunk driving related crash looks like—even if it wasn’t the real thing. Members of the Livingston County sheriff’s office simulated a crash for students at Livonia High to provide a visual reminder of what can happen when drivers decide to drink and then drive. Sherrif Thomas Doughtery says those kinds of simulations show how devastating those crashes can be—both when they happen—and for life afterward.

A woman from Livonia has been charged with getting more than $2,500 worth of food stamps she wasn’t supposed to by not reporting money she made. 46-year-old Rose Barnhart charges include felony welfare fraud, grand larceny of food misuse of food stamps. She was arraigned and her bond was set at $1,000

There’ a state of emergency on parts of the Lake Ontario Shore. The governor’s announcement comes as there are signs that the flooding that has started will get worse on the coming weeks. Sandbags are ready but they may not be much help as experts predict water levers will go up more before they start to go back down. Hundreds of national guard troops are standing by if needed, Some of the places are seeing the same thing they did last spring when lake levels caused millions of dollars of damage to lakefront properties.

New York Republicans have a new party chairman. Current party leader Ed Cox is leaving to join the 20-20 Trump re-election campaign and has endorsed Nick Langworth Erie County to be the next chairman. Langworthy starts in July.

The legislature has passed a bill that outlaws making, selling or possessing 3D plastic guns. Supporters say those weapons can’t be detected by current scanners and could easily be smuggled into secured areas. Anyone caught with one would be charged with a felony. It’s up to Governor Cuomo to sign the bill

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