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The State Liquor Commission says a bar in Dansville is being cited for selling to minors. The commission says underage under coverer agents bought alcohol at CB’s Bar and Grill on Main Street during its most recent statewide enforcement sweep. Three other places Jack’s Place Gaslight Grill, Dansville CVS and Dansville Village Market –carded the agents and refused to sell to them. Across the state, the commission says it checked 851 businesses with liquor licenses and found 78 percent complied with the sales age law. Places that are caught can be fined and have their licenses suspended for repeated violations and employes can be held liable as well

It’s a big weekend for some soon to be college graduates in Livingston County. SUNY Geneseo’s class of 2019 will get diplomas on Saturday. More than 1,200 students will take part in the two undergraduate commencement ceremonies at 10 and 2 at the Ira Wilson arena. The main speaker is Jeri Muoio, who graduated in 169 and went on to become the mayor of West Palm Beach in Florida

A busy few months ahead for road crews in Livingston County. The county says it has more than 8 million dollars worth of projects for the 2019 construction season—including finishing bridge replacements on AplinsvilelRoad in Sparta and West Sparta, on Faulkner Road in Ossian and on Pennimite Road in Livonia. Three county roads in York, West Sparta and Groveland will also be resurfaced. Officials say investment in highways and bridge infrastructure is a top priority in the county budget.

The Dansville Dogwood Festival swings into high gear this evening. It’s the first night of the carnival in Babcock Park starting at 5 pm and there will a Pet Parade there at 6. The festival runs the weekend There is a complete lineup on the website dansvillechamber.com.

The Woodstock Anniversary Concert in Watkins Glen will go on after all. A judge says investors who took back the money that put of for the show have to honor their contact and so concert oganizers have 16 milllion dollars—and exactly three months—to get their acts together. The investors had claimed the festival had too many problems including not enough security and no permits yet, but the judge says the people who put up the cash knew the risks and agreed to take them. The concert has a lot of talent booked, including Santana, who played at the first Woodstock in 1969—and musicians who weren’t even born then, like Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z

If you go for a back seat ride, you could soon have to put on a seat belt. The state Senate has passed a law requiring everyone in the car to have some kind of restraint—seat belts for adults, car seats for kids. It’s up to the assembly now—and if members say yes, the Governor would likely sign it.

Teachers would be required to learn how to give shots with EpiPens to students who are having an allergic reaction. The shots are life-savers for anyone who reacts badly to foods or bees among other things. Sponsors say as more kids show signs of allergies, it is important that teachers know what to do in an emergency The bill will get a hearing before the legislature’s education committee first.

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