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There are now at least three people interested in running for the vacant 57th state senate district seat. Republican Chautauqua County executive George Borello says he has submitted more than enough petitions to qualify for the election—and Allegeny County legislative chairman Curtis Crandall also has been circulating petitions ahead of yesterday’s deadline. If officials certify those signatures are valid, there would be a primary for the Republican, Independence and conservative nomination. Democrats have gotten behind Cornell University student Austin Morgan of Freedom Whoever wins would replace former senator Catherine young, who resigned to take a job at Cornell. So far, no date has been set for the election. The 57th district includes part of Livingston County

The New York State Liquor Authority and the New York State DMV is cracking down on underage drinking this month in a joint enforcement effort. There will be sweeps across the state, looking for places with liquor licensees that sell to minors—and looking for minors who use fake ID’s. Governor Cuomo says the extra enforcement this month is an important way to keep young people safe and hold those who sell to anyone under 21 accountable. Last year, the state penalized almost 1,100 establishments with underage selling and charged almost 900 people with using fake ID’s.

A state lawmaker says she wants to close a loophole in the state’s plastic bag ban.  Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy says the new legislation should be expanded to restaurants.  Under a deal struck by the governor and Legislature, those businesses were made exempt.  Fahy says it’s up to the state to prevent plastic pollution from all possible sources.  The ban goes into effect next March. 

Democrats in the state Senate want to hold a hearing on limo safety.  New rules in the state budget include an inspection fee and tougher penalties for illegal limo operators who try and get around state laws.  State Police and the DOT can also pull license plates from limos that have either failed inspection or aren’t state certified.  Limo safety has been a big issue at the Capitol since an October crash in Schoharie killed 20 people. 

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