WDNY Local News, Thursday, April 4, 2019

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Several charges have been filed against a man from Geneseo who drove away after he was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. 67-year-old Rudolph Hettis was eventually arrested in his own driveway on West Lake Road, where he had fled after he was stopped. Officers say Hettis was also uncooperative when he was taken to the county jail for a Breathalyzer test, which they say he failed. He is now facing felony drunk driving charges because of a previous conviction and charges of resting arrest and possession of marijuana.

A Livingston County ambulance service is ending its service and turning over responsibilities over to the county. The Avalon ambulance service has been in some financial trouble so its board has decided it’s best to break up. Starting on Saturday, Livingston County EMS will handle runs in that area. The county ambulance will be stationed in Avon. Officials say people in Avon shouldn’t notice anything different other than the markings on the ambulance that head out to emergency calls. The ambulance service says a low number of calls plus changes in state regulations led the squad to the brink of insolvency.

Don’t feed the bears. That’s the reminder from the DEC, which says last fall’s weather led to less natural food for the bears, meaning they went into hibernation with less fat stored in their bodies and are even more hungry than usual as they come out of their dens this spring. The DEC says there are already more reports than usual of bears trying to get at food sources like bird feeders and garbage left unsecured outside. It’s against the law to feed bears either intentionally or by being careless and leaving potential food where the animals can get it. The DEC has more information on how to avoid unwanted interactions.

The state Education Department says computer-based English language arts tests will resume for today kids in grades five through eight.   Technology issues caused the exams to be postponed yesterday.  The company responsible for handling the tests says it has identified and fixed the problem.  Schools will be allowed to use a paper test instead if they want.   


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