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Two Livingston County democrats running for county judge now have their party’s support. The county Democratic Committee has voted to endorse  Margaret Linsner of Livonia and Justin Hill of Avon for the two spots on the bench that will be on the ballot in November. Committee chair Judith Hunter says both Lisner and Hill have the experience and judicial temperament to be county court judges. The positions are open because current Judges Robert Wiggins and Dennis Cohen will be 70, which is the mandatory retirement age.

Area Doctors say it’s very important for children to get their measles shots. Health care partners with the University of Rochester Medicine network have released a video, with staff members telling parents that measles can be deadly and that shots effectively prevent it. Cases been reported in 10 states including New York, and one outbreak in Oregon has left more than 100 kids sick. State Law requires vaccinations, but parents can opt out

The state may have some of YOUR money. The state Comptroller’s office says it has more than 12 thousand accounts from Livingston County that hold more than four MILLION dollars in unclaimed funds. Most of the money is from old, unused bank accounts—money that the banks have to hand over to the state if the account holder can’t be found. Other sources include money you’re owed but haven’t collected from businesses like insurance companies and utilities. To get your cash, you can go to the comptroller’s web site — osc.state.ny.org — and fill out a claim form. There are some big bucks involved—statewide the comptroller has more than 15.5 BILLION dollars of unclaimed money sitting in more than 39 million accounts. The office says it’s important to know that there is no fee to get what the state has – and that scammers have contacted people and tried to charge them or get personal information.

And speaking of SCAMS, the state department of Taxation and Finance says tax time is prime time for those trying to get your personal information. The rip offs involve threatening phone calls to suspicious e mails. The office says when in doubt, trust your instincts and remember that NO government agency the asks for private facts by phone or e mail.

Congressman Chris Collins has re-introduced a bill he says would protect the rights of gun owners in New York. His Second Amendment Guarantee act would override most of the state’s SAFE act by preventing states from enforcing any laws that are stricter than federal laws about guns. The congressman says the SAFE Act denies New Yorkers their constitutional rights. The proposal is co-sponsored by 6 other members of congress and will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee. Collins backed a similar bill in 2017 that never made it to the full house for a vote.

Governor Cuomo will be meeting with President Trump in Washington today to talk about taxes. Last year’s tax reform capped State and Local Tax Deduction at ten-thousand-dollars, which the governor says targets states with a high cost of living.  He also says New York is facing a budget shortfall of over two-billion-dollars, which he blames on the changing tax code, and high-income residents leaving the state. 

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