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Wednesday January 29, 2019

Today and tomorrow will be colder than—-you can fill in your own blank, but no matter how you say it, it will be dangerous to be outside. There is a travel ADVISORY in effect for Livingston county which means you should use caution between now and tomorrow night at 11:30 because of possibly hazardous conditions. The roads themselves won’t be bad, according to Sherrif Thomas Doughtery, but the COLD and WIND will be. The sheriff says if you are going out you should be sure that you are prepared for what could happen if you break down and carry things like blankets and cold weather gear and make sure your cell phone is charged if you need to call 9 1 1 in an emergency. The county says its emergency management office is keeping an eye on conditions and if additional warming shelters are needed they will be made available. Also, the county says your pets could be at risk so don’t forget to keep them inside as much as possible—and you should be a good neighbor and make sure any senior citizens you know are OK. Most schools are closed, including Dansville and Wayland Coshocton, but if you have any questions you can check out your district’s website for their updates. Travel outside Livingston County will also be impacted, including a ban on many highways, especially to the north and west. The Thruway says no busses or trucks will be allowed from Exit 46 in Rochester all the way to the Pennsylvania Line, as well as on 190 and 290 in and around Rochester. The conditions ARE be serious and doctors warn that frostbite can set in withing minutes on exposed skin. Another danger, people trying to keep warm, so Carbon Monoxide poisoning and fires from unsafe heat sources are a real concern for first responders today. We are;t alone in this misery—in the Midwest some places feel like 75 below zero which is as cold as it has been in decades in places like Chicago—where thousands of flights are canceled causing headaches for anyone trying to fly today.

5 people including a 14-year-old, are charged in connection with an assault and robbery in the town of York on Sunday, that left the victim bloodied and beaten—and pictures of his injuries possibly posted online Sheriff Thomas Doughtery says the victim—a 35-year-old man from Hunt– drove to the 7-11 in the Geneseo early Sunday with major trauma, including broken bones to his face and told employees he had been robbed. The sheriff says the man was apparently lured to a residence in Piffard and that the investigation led deputies to the five people who are now charged. The sheriff also says three of the suspects, including the 14-year-old, have been also charged in connection with another, previosuly unreported robbery under similar circumstances earlier this month. Dougherty says rumors about what happened—including possible photos of the victim—may have been circulated on social media and that is part of the ongoing investigation.

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