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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

More people in Livingston County have jobs and the county’s unemployment rate has fallen. That’s according to the state department of labor, which is out with the latest unemployment numbers. The department says October’s jobless rate was 3.3 percent, which is down 1.2 percent from October 2017. Figures show 30,400 people had jobs—up from 29,500 a year ago. The rate was also down in Wyoming County at 3.2 percent, which is the lowest rate in the region. Statewide, the Bronx had the highest unemployment rate—Columbia County, the lowest.

Drug charges for a man from Allegany County who was stopped on 390. Sheriff’s deputies say 49-year-old Matthew Bender had three bags of crack and a bag of heroin when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. He was arraigned and later released without bail.

A 14-year-old Rochester girl who went missing is safe after her disappearance triggered an AMBER Alert. Police say Joanna Coates was found in Brooklyn. The man accused of kidnapping her, 41-year-old Robert Gonzalez, was arrested. Investigators say they’re looking into whether Coates and Gonzalez were involved in a relationship.

A group at SUNY Geneseo is offering a way for college students to turn in fake ID’s—in exchange for a $20 Gif card. The “cards for cards” program will be run by SUNY’s Healthy campus coalition, which says no questions will be asked. Organizers say it is a way for students to avoid serious consequences from having or trying to use a false id to buy alcohol. The turn in program runs from 4 to 6 pm today at the Wadsworth Library in Geneseo.

The New York Farm Bureau says farmers from across the state have donated more than 10 million pounds of food so far this year. The group says that number is expected to go up as the Holiday season approaches. The figures were released at the Farm Bureau’s annual meeting in Syracuse.

Governor Cuomo plans to give his third inaugural address on Ellis Island. He’ll deliver it on January 1st at what was once the largest and most active immigration center in America. Cuomo’s paternal grandparents were among the 12-million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, settling first in Jersey City and then in Queens. The governor says Ellis Island remains an enduring symbol of who we are as a nation and a reminder of the core values that built New York and the country.

More than 9 million dollars in federal funds will be used to expand opioid addiction treatment services across New York. Governor Cuomo’s office says most of the cash will go toward medication-assisted treatment. The rest will be split for developing new recovery centers and creating specialized treatment programs. State officials say the funding shows New York’s commitment to making sure people can get the help they need.

Don’t expect anything in your mailbox today. The Postal Service is suspending mail delivery and retail service in honor of former President George H.W. Bush. Today has been designated as a national day of mourning. While there will be no regular service, postal officials say there will be limited package delivery service

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