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Thursday, May 16 2018

Police say a convicted sex offender from Mt Morris convinced of abusing a 5 year old from is charged with violating his parole. 49 year old Teri Havens was arrested after investigators say he went on line with a smartphone, something prohibited under the terms of his 2003 sentence . Havens served more than 10 years before he was let out on parole last year. Reports say Havens was caught after someone saw an ad Haven’s posted for a personal aide on Craigslist. Havens is being held at Livingston county jail.

Livingston Country has met an important goal in the fight against cancer. The state says the county has seen 80 percent of its residents over 50 screened for colo-rectal cancerup from less than 70 percent in 2013. The American Cancer society says screening is vital for older people and that Livingston County’s coordinated efforts will undoubtedly save lives.

The Dogwood festival continues it’s run in Dansville. The festival events have been going on since Monday and tonight will see the opening of the carnival on Babcock Park. The rest of the schedule includes music and activities On Saturday, organizers promise what will be the biggest toast in Dansville history to go along with the opening of Battle Street Brewery which will be Dansville’s first.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wans the federal government to step in to help New York dairy farmers She says the dairy industry is struggling as milk prices have fallen, and so she wants the U S D A to spend up to 300 million dollars in emergency relief, which would be divided up and paid out to farmers directly in milk checks. The U D A has provided similar help to other agri-businesses in the pastearlier this year the department paid out millions of dollars in emergency help to cotton farmers. Gilibrand says dairy needs the same kind of supportand needs it now.

State Senator Patrick Galivan is among those who will sit on a committee to review candidates for New York attorney general. Galivan is among three other senators and four state representatives who will screen the people who want to take the job left open with the resignation of former AG Eric Scheiderman. Galvan says he takes his role serious and will work to make surf the most qualified person gets the endorsement of the bi-partisan group. That person will then go to the the full legislature for approval to serve until the November election for a permanent replacement. Several candidates are already considering a run.

Lt. Govenor Kathy Hocul has picked up the endorsement of several Democratic lawmakers in her run for re-election. Hochul says she welcomes the backing as she seeks a second term. Hochul is facing a primary challenge from New York City council member Jumaane Williams.

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