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Monday, May 14 2018

Voters will decide on Dansville’s 2018-2019 school budget on Tuesday. That 31.2 million spending plan is almost 3 million dollars less than the current budget, which Superintendent Paul Alioto says is possible because of reduced debt. Alioto says while it adds money for safety the budget also cuts special education teaching positions due to changes in the population of students with disabilities and includes one less high school social studies position lost by attrition. Also on the ballot: a capital reserve proposal, purchase of school buses, and three Board of Education seats. Polls are open at the High School between 8 am and 8 PM. Other Livingston County districts will decide on budgets on Tuesday as well.

The head of the Republican Party in Livingston County has stepped down. Lowell Conrad says he decision has nothing to do with politics and that he wants to spend more time around the house, including on his garden and his hobbies. John Pauer of Caledonia is now acting Chairman. Party leaders still haven’t said if Pauer will stay on for the rest of Conrad’s term or if there will be a special election to chose a new party chair.

Livingston County firefighters were busy Saturday night. Crews were called out to Coy Road in Livionia for a fire that broke out in the unoccupied house around 9:30 It took personnel from Livonia, Hemlock, and Lakeville with East Avon to get the fire under control. So far, there is no word on a cause. The family who lived there was away at the time. They’re getting a hand from the Red Cross
A Judge has sentenced a man from Portage to 1 to 3 years for Arson Charges for trying to light a fire inside the Geneseo Wal-Mart earlier this year. Prosecutors say the arson was attempt by 37 year old Jacob Hicks to impress his girlfriend, after he bought her a ring in the jewelery section and then proposed to in the dog food aisle. His plan was to come off as a being a hero and save people’s lives once the fire broke out, but it didn’t turn that way after surveillance video caught Hicks lighting paper towels ion a metal wastebasket. The fire was was put out and he was arrested . Hicks had time added to his sentence because he had been convicted at least once before on another felony.

It’s the first Monday after college for students students today with a busy graduation weekend. Among the new graduates, almost 1,200 from SUNY Geneseo who got their diplomas over the weekend. The class of 2018 is the 152nd for the Knights.

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