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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Dansville Board of Trustees is looking for help writing a capital improvement plan The board has voted to put out a request for proposals to set up a plan that would look at things like improving infrastructure, and upgrading village equipment. Leaders think that would help them draw up a budget that reflects what the village will really need down he road. They say right now, much of what their work is reactive, rather than proactive.

Attorneys for a former Wyoming County deputy charged with murder are expected to use extreme emotional disturbance as a defense Prosecutors say , 60-year-old Joseph Mlyniec of Perry shot Robert Irvine the Third for allegations that he sexually abused troubled boys. Now, reports say that Mlyniec’s attorneys won’t dispute his guilt, , but use his state of mind as a defense.

Reports say the man accused of being the Golden State Killer is a Stueben County native. 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested Wednesday and believed to be behind twelve murders and dozens of rapes in California in the ’70s and ’80s. “The Sacramento Bee” says that DeAngelo was born in the town of Bath but had moved to California by the time he was an adult. Police say they tied his DNA to unsolved crimes committed by one of the most terrifying American serial killers.

A man from Springwater is accused of animal cruelty. The Livingston County sheriff’s office says 37 year old Joseph Fisher abandoned his pit bull at a home on Depot Road, leaving the animal without food and water for several weeks. Deputies say Fisher has agreed to sign over the dog to County dog control. He’s charged with Torturing or Inuring an Animal and Failure to Provide Sustenance. and was given a ticket to appear in Springwater Town Court.

State senator Patrick Galivan says he doesn’t like the idea of giving voting rights to parolees. Last week, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order granting those right to around 35,000 people who have served tim in jail but are now out on parole. The senator says that order is an abuse of power and an insult to law abiding citizens. He also disagrees with the governor’s assertion that parolees have paid their debt to society and haven’t earned back the right to vote just because they are out of prison.

Senator John DeFrancisco is pulling out of the race for New York Governor. The Republican announced yesterday that he’ll stop campaigning after many of his supporters backed Dutchess County’s Marc Molinaro for the GOP nomination. DeFrancisco says the final blow to his campaign was yesterday when Nassau County Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello endorsed Molinaro

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