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Thursday April 19, 2018

Three people have been arrested and charged with stealing a truck in Rochester and driving it to West Sparta. The suspects are identified as as 22 year old Jordan Vanhouter, 25 year old Jaquan Cage, and 27 year old Misty Wiley and Livingston County deputies say satellite service Onstar deserves some of the credit for the arrests. Investigators say Vanhourter found a set of keys on the street in Rochester and set off the alarm until he could find the truck. They say he then stole a set of plates and picked up the other two suspects. Onstar tracked the stolen Silverado to West Sparta where the control center sent a signal to shut off the engine. Deputies caught the three stalled out at house they were trying to rob on Story Road. The suspects are each facing several charges. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty calls it a great example of high tech put to a good use to stop a crime.

A change could be ahead for the Dansville High football team this fall. Reports say the school might pull out out of the Livingston/Genesee League or drop down to an 8 man squad. With an enrollment just shy of 350, Dansville would be up against bigger schools in its division under a new team alignment. The final decision about where the Mustangs fit in will come from the league and may not come until August, leaving Dansville football in limbo until then.

Another department store is going under Bon-Ton’s going out of business sales could begin as early as today. Papers filed in bankruptcy court say the liquidators who bought the department stores will be closing all of the more than 200 remaining locations. Bon-Ton has 16 stores in New York State, including eight department in Western New York, all of which are slated to be shut down before September.

New York State parolees will now be able to vote. Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order restoring parolees’ right to vote. Cuomo says it’s unconscionable to deny voting to parolees who paid their debt to society. This would restore voting rights to roughly 35-thousand New Yorkers and would not restore the rights to those still doing time. Critics say it’s a political play to appease democratsespecially those on Cuomo’s left who are being courted by primary challenger Cynthia Nixon.

A chance to meet some foreign visitors and try some foreign food this weekend in Dansville. A multi-cultural brunch is planned on Saturday from 10 to 12 at the Dansville High Cafeteria. In addition to the food and friendship, you’ll be able to find out more about hosting an exchange student. Best of allit’s all free.

Lace up your running shoes and get in shape for spring on April 29th with the St. Paul’s Youth group 5k race in Dansville on April 29th. Registration is 20 dollars by the 23rd and 25 dollars on race day. The race starts at 1 at St Paul’s on Clara Barton Street in Dansville

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