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Friday April 6, 2018

A few people remain without power after Wednesday’s windstorms. Utilities hope to have everyone back on today, even as we are expecting another windy day. During Wednesday’s storm, thousands of people were without power as winds gusted to up to 65 miles an hour. Today shouldn’t see that kind of wind though.

The Lima public library says it is changing some of its procedures after a state audio found it could be at risk of paying too much for goods and services. The State Comptrollers office says it found the library lacked a policy about putting some of those services up for bidand because of that, was vulnerable to overcharges. The library trustees say the audit led then to make changes to policies of its procurement policyand sees it as a chance to maintain top-level service to the community.

The Livingston County Board of supervisors will be hearing more about a proposed cheese plant in the hamlet of Linwood. The board will take public comment on the plant that proposed on Linwood road. The 58 million dollar project has been awarded a $506,000 block grant which would be paid out as a loan and be forgiven if hiring goals are met. The plant would be built by a group led by the large European Cheese maker Arla, which wants to expand its presence in the U S market. The meeting is scheduled for April 11th at 1:35 as part of the board’s regular agenda.

The village of Dansville is getting on board with a fast growing sport. It’s called pickeballand now the village is moving ahead with plans for two pickleball courts in the skatepark on Red Jacket Street. The Highway Department will take care of paining the lines for the courtsand the recreation department will try to drum up interest for a local pickleball league.

The flu season seems to be gaining steam once again in New York. For the first time in six-weeks there was an uptick in the number of confirmed flu cases according to the new numbers by the state health department. The CDC has warned of the virus’s B strain making a comeback and causing a second wave of the flu.

Police in Syracuse say they were able to stop what might have turned into a tragedy. They say a Chinese national, who was a student at Syracuse University. tried to buy an AR-15, and made troubling comments to another student. Investigators say a background check of 22 year old. Xiaoteng Zhan also revealed mental heath issues and while he wasn’t charged with any crimes, Zhan’s student visa was revoked and he has been deported back to China. The University is calling it a student conduct matter, but says safety is a top priority.

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