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Monday, February 26, 2018

The date has been set for a regional problem to discuss a warm weather problem in New York’s lakes and ponds. The regional summit to talk about algae blooms will take place March 26th at the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center at Monroe Community College in Rochester. Governor Cuomo has made those potentiality toxic blooms a priority and wants a strategy on how to control them. He says they can have a significant impact on tourism and drinking water, especially for bodies of water like Conesus and Hoyneoye Lakes. The summit will feature experts from across the country who will help draw up a plan to be submitted to the state by May.

Livingston County is joining with the rest of the state’s counties to look at early voting. New York is one of the biggest states that doesn’t allow for early balloting but the State Election Commissioners Association wants to change that. The county will share in seven million dollars of state money to study the idea and present ways to implement it. Supporters of early voting say it would increase voter turnout.

Earth Day is just around the corner on April 20th and Livingston County is making its plans for the event. Among them, the county’s 20th annual Earth Day award, which goes to individuals, businesses, agencies, or organizations who have contributed to the improvement or understanding of the county’s environment. Nominations for the award are being accepted at town and village offices and through the Planning Department page on the county website. That link is on our website’s local news page.[www.livingstoncounty.us/emc]. Last year’s winner was Randy French from Geneseo, who has been teaching about the environment for 35 years and has developed software and lesson plans to share with other educators

The Dansville Library is marking a day — to celebrate reading in a very special way. March first is national reading day and the library is honoring, who else, but Dr. Seuss. The Seuss-a-bration is scheduled from 3 to 5 pm on Thursday, which happens to be the beloved author’s birthday. Its the 21st annual reading day, which encourages kids to put down the screen and pick up a book. If you’d like to learn more— the number to knowis 33567-20.

New York Lawmakers will consider a plan to use license plates to pay for safer schools. State Senator Jim Tedisco is proposing to make Guardians For Schools New York license plates. If the law passes a part of the cost of the plates collected by the DMV would go to pay for added school security. This could include armed officers, better mental health screenings, security training, and cameras.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is warning President Trump against cutting funding for school safety. The senator thinks the president’s budget cuts too much from the Department of Education’s school safety measures and mental health assistance. Senator Schumer says the money has made schools safer and says he will push back against any cuts to those programs.

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