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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

One less candidate for the 27th district congressional seat. Joan Elizabeth Seamans says she is dropping out of the Democratic race for the position now held by Republican Congressman Chris Collins. Her decision leaves 4 democrats still in the field, and it comes just a couple days after key endorsements for another candidate. McMurray was the choice of Livingston Count Democrats who met over the weekend, while another group called Turn27 Blue has also endorsed McMurray. Party leaders from other counties will have to endorse him as well if he is to become the nominee. Seamans says a long fight among Democrats would weaken the party going into a difficult campaign against Collins

A tricky rescue at Letchworth State park saves two people and their dogs who came dangerously close to going off a cliff. Park police say the two were hiking near Hogsback Overlook Sunday afternoon when one of the animals tumbles down a slope and was quickly followed by the othera 100-pound mastiff. The owners went down to try to save their pets but got into trouble about 200 feet down a gorge, not far from the edge with a sheer drop to the bottom. The peopleand the animals had to be rescued by ropes by the Park Police and local fire departments. Officials say luckily, no one was injured in a situation that could have easily turned tragic.

A man from Livonia is once again facing charges that he broke into a neighbor’s barn. Deputies say 61 year-year-old Russell Maurer was already a suspect in a previous burglary and had an order of protection in place when he was picked up. Maurer is facing burglary, contempt, larceny and trespassing charges and was taken to Livingston County jail on $5,000 bond.

A man from Mt. Morris is facing drunk driving charges after a traffic stop on 390 in Avon. State police say 36-year-old Chad Slocum was clocked at 86 in the 65 mile an hour zone as was impaired at the time. Reports say his blood alcohol level was .17or more than twice the legal limit. He has given a misdemeanor ticket and is due back in Avon town court later this month.

Senator Chuck Schumer wants keep money in New York to maintain records of those ineligible to buy firearms. The Senator says cutting the existing background check systems is unwise and would make it harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people He says he will fight to keep funding in the budget and strengthen the background check system

Unseasonably warm temperatures could cause ice jam flooding Upstate. Forecasters are calling for highs in the 60’s that could speed snowmelt and raise water levels, causing unexpected flooding. People who live along rivers or streams should take precautions.

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