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Driving with a license suspected for 18 times has landed a man on probation for 5 years. 46-year-old Roscoe Howard was stopped last July in Livonia on July 1. He has been stopped on at least 10 separate occasions before.

A man from Hornell has mad more time tacked onto a sentence in Livingston County for failing to show up for a weekend prison date. 25-year-old Michael Chase was already serving weekend for a sentence or impaired driving last March but skipped out on one of this prison weekend. Now, he’ll have to do another three weekend stays to fulfill his sentence.

A supermarket chain with local locations is reported to be considering bankruptcy. Bloomberg news says Tops may consider that movebut is not likely to close. The report says the store is more likely to chose whats called a chapter 11bankruptcy would give it breathing room from its creditors while allowing it to reorganize. There are dozens of Tops stores in the Northeast including one in Dansville. Tops has been been down a rocky financial road before and is now owned by its own corporate management.

Livingston County Democrats have mad their endorsement for the 27th congressional district sea. Nate McMurraywho is currently a town supervisor in Erie Countywas the unanimous choice of the party leaders who met over the weekend. If he wins the party primary, he will take on incumbent Congressman Chris Collins. Collins has been in office since 2013. Livingston County Chair Judith Hunter says McMurray is well positioned to take on Collins in a conservative distinct would attract voters from both parties. McMurray is facing a primary challenge from 4 other candidates. Another group called turn27 Blue has also endorsed McMurray. Party leaders from other counties will have to endorse him as well if he is to become the nominee.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is running for another term. On Friday the Senator from New York officially accepted the state DNC nomination to run for her second full term. State Republicans are expected to announce their nominee next month. Many GOP leaders in New York are vocal against Gillibrand, accusing her of merely posturing for a presidential run in 2020.

Governor Cuomo is accusing President Trump of trying to make it easier for guns to fall into the wrong hands. Cuomo says Trump’s proposed budget will pull funding that beefs up background checks for states like New York. He said he’s shocked that after the tragedy in Florida, Washington is again responding with complacency. The governor called Trump to implement more gun control.

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