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Friday, February 9, 2018

The FBI is now on the case of credit card hacking in Livingston County. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says there are now at least 60 people whose information may have been compromised by skimmers put on gas station pumps. Earlier this week the sheriff’s office seized two devices from pumps at the Westin Mini Mart, on Big Tree Rd. in Lakeville and gave them to the FBI for analysis. The sheriff says most of the fraudulent charges are small, with those behind the scheme apparently figuring that most victims will hardly notice the bad transactions. He says it is important to check your statements carefully and to report anything suspicious.

Livingston County residents are sharing their thoughts on the county’s nine downtowns. Around 200 people turned out at a meeting this week in Mt Morris to hear more about a study done last fall that looked at how to improve those districts. Many of those at the meeting called the study is a good first step and want to keep the discussion going. They have set up a Facebook pageand we have put that link on our website.(https://www.facebook.com/groups/538269469886643/ )

Investigators now say it was a malfunctioning propane heater that set of a fire that destroyed a sugar shack on Reed Road in West Sparta. That fire was called in by an assistant Chief of the Nunda Fire department, who saw the flames from two miles away on Sunday afternoon. West Sparta fire chief Thomas Pearson says a quick response from his crews kept the fire from spreading into nearby woods. He says those volunteers did a good job answering the callespecially because it came in the middle of Super Bowl Sunday.

The new federal tax law is bringing a lot of changes to how small business owners file and the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is stepping in to help them out. The Chamber will host a seminar later this month, with experts on hand to talk about things like new tax rates, changes in deductions and pass through income. The presentation will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 AM on February 27th at the group’s office on Millennium Drive in Geneseo. You can contact the Chamber to find out more

No letup in the flu season in the areain fact, it seems to be getting worse. The newest numbers show that confirmed flu cases are up 35-percent from the week before. Western New York still has one of the highest flu rates of any region in the state. There were also two more flu-related pediatric deaths reported.

Governor Cuomo thinks the monetary bail system isn’t fair. He has announced legislation to try to do away with a bail for misdemeanor or non-violent offenders. Cuomo said New York’s laws have forced thousands of New Yorkers to sit in jail just because they can’t afford bail. He says people who haven’t been convicted of anything shouldn’t sit in jail for the crime of being poor.

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