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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
We are in for a messy day today. There is a winter storm warning in effect and we could get 6 inches or more of snow. Highest amounts are expected to be to the east, into Steuben County. Officials say you should add extra time if you are going ou

More information about a rash of reports of credit card skimmers at the gas pump. The Livingston County sheriff’s office says it has seized two suspected bogus card readers from a station in Lakevilleafter getting reports from people who say their card information was hacked. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says The skimmers were pulled from the Westin Mini Mart, Big Tree Rd. in Lakeville. His office also sent a message to people in Avon, Livonia, and Lima to check their card statements carefully for any suspicious activity. The office is also investigating other reports that credit cards from the area have been fraudulently used at Walmarts across the state since mid-December. If you think you are a victim of card misuse, you should contact the sheriff’s department.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s office is investigating a two-vehicle crash that sent three people to the hospital. Crews were called out to Rt 15 near 390 on Tuesday afternoon for that crash. One person was thrown from a vehicle and another was trapped. All thee victims were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital. No word on the extent of the injuries.

Charges have now been filed against a man from Caledonia who police say went on a wild drive last Thursday, crashing into a fire hydrant, a utility pole and three parked vehicles on busy North Street. 57-year-old Terry Dutton is facing 12 charges including drunk driving and possession of marijuana, along with several traffic violations. Witnesses say the situation could have easily turned tragic with the amount of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrianin the area at the time. Dutton was taken to the Hospital and later released. Police say Dutton could face even more charges.

Police are looking for a man who held up a Livingston County market. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says the man seen on video surveillance robbed the Dutch Hollow Market on East Avon-Lima Road around 5:30 on Saturday. The suspect said he had a gun and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Pictures of that man and the getaway car are on the department’s Facebook Page

Some New York lawmakers want to make laundry detergent pods look less tasty in response to the viral Internet Tide Pod Challenge A bill up for discussion would have detergent manufacturers add new warning labels and child-proof packaging, and change the look of the pods themselves. Assemblyman Joe Errigo isn’t a fan of the bill. He says people should have enough sense not to eat laundry soap and that the state doesn’t need to burden businesses with more rules just because people make dumb decisions or take part in internet fads.

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