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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Livingston County Sheriff’s office has charged a man with providing the heroin that led to a fatal overdose. 38-year-old Steven Rigoni is accused of selling the drugs to the victim who died last June in Geneseo. Rigoni was taken to Livingston County jail on $20,000 bond. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says the Felony charges against Rigoni show that every overdose death will be investigated and anyone responsible will be prosecuted. The sheriff says his office is looking into at least five other deaths this month alone that could be related to drugs.

Town officials in Conesus say they hope to resolve a property dispute that has led to a code violation against a charity that repairs cars and furniture and give the items to veterans who need them. Operation Build Up uses a building on Pucker street that apparently sits 40 feed into an area that is zoned residential. The town says it is willing to work with the owner Justin Cogswell to re-survey the area to make sure the line is accurate and allow Cogswell to appeal any decision against him. Code enforcement officer Bob Lennington says Conesus has no problem with what Cogswell is doing and hopes it can eventually reach an agreement to let him continue his charity work but that the code laws must be strictly enforced no matter what the property is used for.

A well known Livingston County bar is up for sale. Reports say the Statesmen, which has been in Geneseo since the 1920’s, is on the market. The bar was a popular destination for SUNY Geneseo students for years but has been closed since last year when its owner said he would no longer pay what he called exorbitant license fees to the State Liquor Authority. At the time, he said he would try to reopen the place as an alcohol-free club but apparently, that effort failed so now the building is on the market.

Congressman Chris Collins is applauding President Trump’s state of the Union speech. Collins says it shows America is on the right track and can come together in spite of political differences. Predictably, not all state politicians agree. Governor Cuomo says the president only pays lip service to the idea of unity. The governor also says this has been one of the most divisive years in memory and that the divide will likely continue into the second year of the Trump administration.

Three New York Republicans are trying to run against Governor Cuomo now that State Senator John DeFrancisco of Syracuse has announced his campaign for governor. DeFrancisco is throwing his hat into the ring with former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb of Canandaigua. Party leaders in the Finger Lakes say they are behind Kolb.

One of the region’s biggest employers and most recognized brand names is turning Japanese. FujifilmHoldings. Xerox is being sold to FujiFilms Holding, which will combine Xerox with a joint venture the two companies own in order to save costs. No word on how the sale might affect jobs.

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