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Wednesday, January 17

Police in Avon say they are moving ahead with their investigation into some credit card skimmers found on a gas pump in Avon. They say they have identified everyone whose card information may have been compromised by those devices hidden in pumps at the Exxon Mobil customers on the circle in the Village and are working to find the people who put the readers in place. Acting police chief Joe Geer says those people are likely part of a gang that has put skimmers in other pumps, including some in Monrose County. Geer says it is a sophisticated crime but that he is confident that police will eventually be able to track down the skimmer scammers.

A Livingston County family is back home after a cruise they won’t soon forget. Kevin and Kara Van Allen of Geneseo thought they and their kids were in for a fun family vacation on the Norwegian Cruise4 line ship earlier this month, but the ship was caught in the path on that ferocious storm that made its way up the coast. The ship was rocked and many passengers were afraid that the voyage would end in tragedy. The Van Allens are all fine but Kevinwho is a lawyersays passengers may have little legal recourse in cases of cruises gone wrong because of weather or other natural events. Norwegian has since offered passengers a discount on any future trips at sea.

The state says they’re an actually an invasive weed, but the town of Avon will be able to keep what are called Australian Phragmites to control sludge at the town wastewater plant. Last year the DEC told the town the Phragmites had to go, but now says as long as they come back naturally and don’t spread, they are fine. The plants actually take in water and dry the sludge by themselves saving operators from having to pump out the muck and dry it in the sun.

Congressman Chris Collins says President Trump isn’t a racist. Collins was on CNN yesterday to defend the President over alleged remarks toward Haiti and African countries. He says the senators who claim Mr. Trump made those comments should be ashamed of themselves for making private details about an immigration meeting public. Collins says he wasn’t there but thinks the president is trying to be compassionate while maintaining border security.

The congressman could face a high profile challenger the fall. Reports say that New Yor Lt. Governor Kathy Holcul is being urged to give up her current job to run for Collins’ seat in Congress. According to the New York Post, Hochul’s replacement could be Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. Warren says she has not talked to anyone in Albany about the idea and won’t comment on what she calls political speculation, There are already seven candidates including Collins in the field for the 27th district seat, which includes Livingston County. The latestDemocrat Joan Elizabeth Seamans of Williamsville who announced her candidacy on Tuesday.

Governor Cuomo wants a study looking at possible impacts regulated marijuana could have in the state. Cuomo talked about the idea in his budget address. Tuesday, saying he wants to see what kind of impacts legal marijuana could have on the state’s economy, health and criminal justice system He’s long been outspoken against the idea, but he says it’s at least worth a look because the state is staring into a budget hole of more than four-billion-dollars.

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