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Monday, January 15

Several local groups marking today’s MLK holiday with days of service. Some of those involved say it is particularly important to remember Dr. King and his message because this year is the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

A Livingston County School district is warning about a suspicious vehicle whose driver has tried to make sexual advances to women near a school building. The Caledonia Mumford district says the driver of a white van w dropped off a suggestive note as he passed several women walking near the Central Scool last week. The driver is suspected to be a man on the state’s sex offender registry from Monroe County, but so far there have been no arrests. Police say anyone with information should contact law enforcement.

Local police departments are warning about another phone scam, this one involving allegedly corrupted Apple i-cloud accounts. Authorities say the robo-calls demand money or credit card information to fix the problem that doesn’t exist.. Apple says it never does that and police say if you get that kind of call you can safely hang up

A Livingston county group that helps people with cancer is looking ing ahead to a sure sign that SPRING is around the corner. Lifting up Livingston is planning the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade which will step off March 10th in Geneseo. Its the second year in a row that Geneseo has been the location for the march. Lifting up Livingston says it is a unique group because it is run BY people in the county specifically FOR people in the countyand that the parade is an important and fun way to advance its mission. The group’s website has info at Liftinguplivingston.com

The school calendar could change in New York under a plan up for discussion in Albany. The state education department will consider a plan to count school HOURS rather than days. The current rules call for 180 days, but state officials say setting that number at between 900 and 990 hours would give districts more flexibilityespeecially when it comes to adding up snow days and half days. The plan would also allow the school to start before Labor Day. The board of regents will look over the plan at a meeting in March and if members approve, the change would take effect when setting this September’s school calendar. Districts would have to sign off because any changes could also affect teacher’s contacts.

The deadline for some New Yorkers to renew their pistol permits is coming up Under the SAFE Act anyone Upstate who had their pistols licensed on or before January 15th, 2013 has until the end of the month to renew it. Permits have to be recertified every five years and will be revoked if they aren’t. People can go online to recertify their pistols.

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