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Tuesday, January 9

Officials are tallying up the damage caused by a water main break at the Livingston County Government Center. A sprinkler let go early Sunday and flooded parts of the building. While county offices are open, the damage means that the next two meetings of the County Board of Supervisors on January 10th and 24th will be held in a different location there because of damage to the third floor boardroom.

Another water main breakthis one in the town of Avonhad crews heading out into the brutal cold over the weekend. Superintendent of Public works John Barret says the break had to be fixed right away, even tough it was just above zero on Saturday afternoon. It took workers about 5 hours to jackhammer into the frozen ground to find and fix the problem

An animal advocacy groups is looking for changes in New York’s bear management program. Animal Advocates of Western New York says it’s upset that a black bear was legally shot in Lectchworth State Park last monththe first time bear hunting has been allowed there. The group says the park should be a place to observe wildlifenot a hunting ground. A man from North Java took the 400 pound bear on the last day of the state’s muzzle loading season. December 19th. The DEC says while black bears are rare in the region, hunting is an important tool to keep the animal’s population under control.

The flu season is getting worse. The latest numbers from the state health department show the flu rate spiking statewide, but our area is one of the hardest hit. Doctors worry it could be gearing up to be a particularly nasty flu season and ask folks to take extra care to keep it from getting worse.

The New York State Assembly is in session. Lawmakers from across the state are back in Albany to focus on the next round of proposed legislation. Some lawmakers say with the state facing a budget deficit of up to four-billion-dollars they’re not going to be able to address everything Governor Cuomo laid out in his state of the state address.

New York Republicans say they’re unified in their goal to replace Governor Cuomo Republican Chairman Ed Cox says their candidates for governor have pledged to try to avoid a primary. Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra both have already announced their intention to run. Cox said this will be an election like 1994 when Republican George Pataki beat former Governor Mario Cuomo.

Flags across New York are at half-staff today in memory of a state trooper who died from an illness related to his assignment to the World Trade Center site in 2001. Governor Cuomo says lowering the flags at state buildings is a fitting way to honor trooper Michael Anson. Anson was a 31 year State Police veteran and lived in the Albany area.

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