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Friday, January 5

It’s time serious precautions against the cold for at least the next couple days. Forecasters say we won’t see double-digit temperatures until Sunday but before that, it could feel as cold as 20 to 30 below with wind chill. Frostbite could be possible in as little as ten minutes. A wind-chill warning is in effect through Sunday. Schools are closed today and there are no meal services for Livingston County Seniors.

Noyes Memorial Hospital is restricting visits to help stop the flu from spreading. Patients can only have two visitors at a time and no one under 14 will be able to visit except healthy brothers and sisters of healthy newborns. Hospital officials say they understand the rules are inconvenient, but that they’re in the best interest of all its patients and staff. Other hospitals have taken similar precautions. The flu is spreading across the area with 34 cases in Livingston County reported in December. Doctors say it’s not too late to get a shot, because the flu season may not peak until February.

A Livingston county man is accused of trying to hide drugs in his body after he was stopped on 390 in the town of Avon with a suspended license Deputies say 29 year old Levert Giles had 15 bags of cocaine hidden during his processing into the jail. He was pulled over for having a license that authorities say had been already taken 5 times beofre . His bond was set at $5,000.

If you have an old pistol permit, you have until the end of the month to get a new one. Under the states gun control law, any permits issued before January 15, 2013 has to be re certified by the end of the month. You can do that either on line through the State Police Website or at the County Sheriff’s office. Sheriff County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says he opposes that provision of the so called SAFE act., the law requires recertificationand that police could confiscate pistols of anyone who doesn’t. The sheriff says around 70 percent of those who need to file the paperwork in Livingston County have done so.

The DEC is hoping for help with black bears. The agency says if you spot a new bear den, you should keep your distance report it to the local DEC office . Biologists say while they can keep track of the animals though special collars, tips from people in the woods are an important way to monitor the state’s black bear population..

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