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Thursday, December 28

Brutal winter weather is settling in. Officials are issuing the usual precautions. In weather like this, it might only take half an hour to catch frostbite. Homeless shelters are gearing up for the cold and scrambling to make sure they can help anyone who needs it. The cold is expected to stick around into the New Year, with temperatures staying below freezing.

Area towns are getting ready for a flurry of activity. Before the newly passed federal tax plan goes into effect in January, New Yorkers have the option of prepaying their 2018 property taxes. This could be a valid loophole around the new tax plan’s ten-thousand-dollar cap on property tax deductions. Livingston county says you should contact your town’s tax collector for specificsand talk to a tax advisor for guidance too.

An independent investigator has found what are called credible charges of sexual harassment against the chairman of the Livingston County Board of Supervisors. County Administrator Ian Coyle says the accusation against Chairman Eric Gott were serious and that while no law or policy was broken, the county had the responsibility to look into to them. Gott denies that he did anything wrong, but says he will no seek re appointment as board chair, but will stay on as a member. Two women have accused Gott of making suggestive and inappropriate remarks.

Even though it’s winter, Livingston County Foodlink is helping people get fresh fruits and vegetables though its Curbside Market program. Those trucks will make stops in several communities each week, aimed at getting quality food to people who may not be able to afford it. From January through March, the Curbside trucks will be stopping at Tri-County Family Medicine, Dansville; a parking lot in the village of Lima and the Mount Morris Senior Nutrition Site. The Dansville location at Tri County Medicine, is Thursdays from 10:15 to 11:15. If you would like more information, the website is foodlinkny.org. We have put other contact information on our website [ On Twitter @CurbsideMarket or Curbside Market on Facebook]

Governor Cuomo is giving clemency to 61 people. He says the pardons went to people who have proven their rehabilitation. Among those pardoned18 immigrants, who face deportation, and 39 people who were either 16 or 17 at the time of their convictions for misdemeanors and non-violent crimes and have stayed out of trouble for 10 years or more. The governor says the actions are a step toward a more just and compassionate New York.

A former Democrat says he’s seeking the Republican nomination as a moderate. Joel Giambra was once the Erie County Executive. Giambra isn’t getting a good reception from some other members of the G O P. Former candidate Carl Paladino said that Giambra is a liberal Democrat who just wants to wear the Republican uniform.

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