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Friday December 22,

Looks like a wintry mix in the run up to Christmas. Snow and rain are likely ahead into the weekend and the big day itself could see cold temperatures and some light snow.

The state is tackling algae blooms in lakes, including Conesus Lake. 12 bodies of water will get special attention to keep the algae in check because they are especially vulnerable to the problem and are important for water supplies and tourism. Last summer there were at least two outbreaks on Coneseus Lake. Also on the listHoneyoye Lake. The plan will bring together experts to come up with ways to mitigate the algae blooms, which can be toxic to people who come in contact with them. The Governor is expected to mention the initiative in his State of the State speech next month.

The Livingston County Sheriffs office has added another place to drop off unwanted prescription drugs. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says the drop box in Livonia is the fifth in the county to handle those drugsand will make it even easier for residents to safely and anonymously get rid of medicines they no longer need. The sheriff says the program has been a success so fartaking thousands of pills out of circulationpills that might otherwise end up in the wrong hands. Other boxes include on in Dansville at North Dansville Town Hall on Clara Barton Street, which is accessible 24-7.

2018 will bring the end of a Livingston County landmark . Work is expected to continue into the new year to take down the old railroad bridge that spans the gorge in Portageville. The new bridge opened officially last week, and now officials say the project turns to bringing down the old one, piece by piece. Plans call for all of that to be done by September. The whole project will cost 75 million dollars when everything is added up. It eliminates a major bottleneck along the tracks owned by Norfolk Southern because trains had to slow to 10 miles an hour to cross the old bridge because of the shape it was in.

The Livingston County Board of Supervisors has appointed it’s first chief conflict defender to a four year term. Hayden Dadd will lead that office, which was established last year to represent clients who can’t afford a lawyer but can’t use a public defender because of a conflict of interest. Officials say the Conflict defender’s office save money t because until now, the county had to hire more expensive private lawyers to handle those cases.

Governor Cuomo wants to outlaw what’s called revenge porn. The governor has announced a proposal to make non-consensual pornography a state offense. If the law passes, anyone found guilty of uploading that material to the internet could face up to 15-years in prison and be labeled a sex offender. Cuomo says this will help protect young women and girls who are usually targets.

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