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Friday, December 8

The investigation continues into a crash that killed a woman who ran out of gas along Rt 63 in North Dansville . 44 year old Shawn Martinez died at Noyes hospital shortly after that crash around 6:45 Wednesday evening . The driver of the vehicle that hit Martinez is identified as 20 year Old Payton Ryder of North Cohocton. State police say Martinzez disabled car was just off the southbound lane and did NOT have its hazard lights on.

Livingston County could soon have a new bridge along an important road. The DOT is moving ahead on plans to build that bridge to carry route 63 over the Geneseo river between Geneseo and York. The project could cost more than 8 million dollars and take more than two years to complete. The current bridge would stay open during the work. The adjacent highway would see safety improvements as well .. Engineers say the current span is badly in need of repairs and is considered structurally deficient, with around 6,000 drivers using it every day. The new bridge could be open by 20-20.

A SUN Y Geneseo fraternity is off the hook after allegations of misconduct in October. The school says its investigation has cleared the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity of any wrongdoing and has lifted a suspension it had put in place on October 27th,. That suspension was removed after a hearing by the school’s student conduct board. Now word on what the fraternity had been accused of doing.

Members of an unrecognized fraternity at another SUNY school are accused of bad behavior. Nine people including six College at Brockport students are facing hazing charges. Police said yesterday that the arrests followed an investigation into an unrecognized frat called “The Delts.” Reports say two potential pledges came forward after they realized they weren’t pledging at a fraternity recognized by the school. Police say some of “The Delts” tortured a rat to show what would happen if anyone came forward.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is trying to stop sexual harassment in the workplace. This week the A-G released a brochure that defines sexual harassment in and out of the workplace, shows how to file a complaint and lists support resources. Schneiderman says no New Yorker should have to walk into a workplace ruled by sexual harassment, intimidation or fear.

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