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Thursday, November 30

Steuben County is joining in a lawsuit trying to recover damages from anyone found to be contributing to the opioid epidemic. That could include big drug makers and prescribers who write a large number of presciptionsprescriptions for pills County lawmakers say joining a class action suit is one way local leaders can get involved in the fight against the problem. In the 19-90’s the county took part in a similar legal action against big tobacco which ended up with money for anti-smoking efforts

An inmate at the Livingston County jail is accused of smuggling pills into the facility. 50 year old Timothy Mayeu was already serving a weekend sentence on drug charges when deputies say he tried to bring in the pills he had hidden in his clothes. Mayeu was arraigned on the new charges and ordered held without bail. Mayeu was first arrested back in April after police say he tossed out three baggies of heroin fowling a traffic stop on 390.

Its winter in the Village this weekend in Dansville The village is hosting its annual pre Christmas gathering Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. It features the the annual Arts & Crafts Sale, a Wine Tasting Tour and a special appearance from the man himself– Santa –lighting the Christmas trees in Church Park

Progress on renovations at the old railroad depot in Dansville that developers hope will breathe new life into the building. Battle Street Brewery, hopes to start rolling out its barrels from its new home by May. Owners say its been a big job getting the space ready, but that when the brewery opens, local residents will be impressed by whats been done.

Senator Chuck Schumer wants to invest billions of dollars to make high speed internet available to people across rural areas. The senator says its a vital to connect smaller communities to the internet and is speaking out against a proposal that would lower the threshold that defines a high speed connection. Schumer wants to spend money to make the so called last mile capable or carrying faster serviceand compares it to the 1930’s programs that brought reliable electric service to areas far from big cities. Livingston county officials say lack affordable of fast internet connections has hurt efforts to attract new businesses and development to the area.

Congressman Chris Collins says the tax bill working its way though congress is a good deal that will lower taxes significantly for people in New York and around the country. The congressman says he’s willing to stake his re-election on the bill, which could go to a house and senate conference committee in the newt few days. Not everyone agrees with Collinsprotesters outside his office in Livingston County say that the tax cuts will only benefit the wealthy and hurt the middle class.

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