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Wednesday, November 29

Dansville police continue their investigation into the armed robbery of a main street pizza restaurant more than a month ago. Chief Charlie Perkins says his office is still looking for tips top help solve the crime that happened October 19th at the Pizza Corners on Main Street. Two employees say a man walked into the shop just before 8pm and flashed a gun before grabbing the register and braking it to get the cash out. Police say the suspect is described as a dark skinned white man with a blue hoodieand while they may not have much of description,. They have have found his prints at the scene. If you have any information, you can call Dansville PD at 335-3385.

A man from Nunda has been arrested and charged with possession on 10 bags of heroin after a traffic stop on 390. 24 year old Gerald Farell is facing drug possession charges and was taken to Livingston County jail on $1,000 bond. Farrell has faced drug charges at least twice beforereports say he was arrested twice in a three week period last October

A man from Dansville has pleaded not guilty to several felony charges of rape, incest and endangering the welfare of a child. Lance Riley is accused of those crimes against a 13 year old girl in both Livingston and Wyoming Counties. He was arrested back in June following a state police investigation. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 2nd.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s office says it’s important to be proactive to keep kids safe, so the they’ve has started what sheriff Thomas Doughetry calls one of the most extensive child identification programs in the country. The program takes fingerprints and DNA samples from children as a way to quickly identify themand also provides. parents with with ID cards to carry. The sheriff says its important for parents to have that information as a way to help law enforcement should a child ever go missing.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says hospitals across the state must provide free rape kits for survivors of sexual assault. Schneiderman says they’ve found at least one hospital billed dozens of sexual assault victims hundreds of dollars each for forensic rape exams. This is illegal under state law. Schneiderman sent letters to ten undisclosed hospitals across the state requesting information on their policies concerning rape kits.

Governor Cuomo continues to lash out at the latest version of the tax bill working its way though the Senate. The governor says the bill pretends to help the middle class but really hurts New Yorkers. He says eliminating deductions for state and local taxes could be an unconstitutional double tax that would hit New Yorker’s hard.

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