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Monday, November 13 2017

Veterans in Livingston County and across New York will soon be able to get new, customized license plates designating the branch of the military the served in. The new plats will be available for members of theU.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coastal Guard, and U.S. Marines. Officials say the tags will will honor and celebrate military service. In order to get the plates, veterans will have to fill out an application and submit copies of their discharge papers,. The state already offers plates with special designs for Purple Heart recipients, Vietnam Veterans, and War on Terror Veterans. There is more information on the DMV website.

Livingston County residents looking for help with their winter heating bills will have a chance to apply for assistance starting today. This is the first day applications for the state’s LIHEAP program will be accepted. The county department of social services says those eleligible can get up to $726 a year depending on income to go toward energy costs. Last year LIHEAP helped over more than 90,000 people in the finger lakes region. If you need more information on how to apply, you can find information on the County social services department websiteand we have posted that link on the local new page of our website as well. [http://www.co.livingston.state.ny.us/274/Social-Services]

Older people who live in Springwater will be able to get free smoke alarms under a new program there. The Springwater fire department has received a federal grant to pay for those devices in the homes on anyone over 65or anyone who is hearing impaired. Officials say the aim is to make sure everyone has the potentially life saving alarms in their homes, regardless of age or income. Department members will provide and install the alarms which meet all state and federal safety standards free of charge. If you would like more, we have put contact information on the local news page of our website. [Fire Chief Mike Edwards at (585) 813-2021].

It’s now been 38 year since the still unsolved murder of Tammy Jo Alexander, whose body was found on a livingston county cornfield. The Livingston County Sherifs ofice says the case of the 16 year old from Florida will remain open as long as it takes to find her killer. For years after her body was dicovered in Caledonia on november 10, 1979 her name was a mystery but the cast took a new turn in 2014 when she was positively identified as the missing 16 year old girl from Florida. Sherrif Thomas Doughetry says his office will not give up in the fight for justice and is asking once again for any tipsno matter how small they may seemto help solve the case.

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer wants a top-to-bottom review of airport screening techniques after an undercover report found about 80 percent of weapons and explosives were not caught by TSA agents. Speaking yesterday, Schumer said the information is especially alarming at a time when the threat of lone wolf terrorist threats “are at an all-time high.” He’s calling on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to review TSA employee training procedures and equipment screening systems. Schumer says security gaps should be a number one priority, particularly during the busy holiday travel season.

Medical marijuana can now be legally used to treat PTSD in New York. Governor Cuomo has signed a bill adding PTSD to the list of disorders that doctors can prescribe cannabis for. Some studies suggest marijuana may help alleviate PTSD symptoms. The governor says it allows doctors a responsible way to help treat suffering veterans.

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