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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Today is Election Day. Polls are open until 9. Registered voters can go to the Governor’s website to find their polling place.Several local seats are in play and three statewide ballot questions will be in front of voters, including a call for a constitutional convention and a one that would limit pensions for politicians found guilty of felonies.

A tractor trailer rollover on 390 has led to charges a trucker from Virginia. Deputies say Robert Shenk of Rockinham, Virginia was impaired and had drugs with him when the rig hauling kegs of beer flipped last Wednesdasy He was arrested after he was released from Strong Memorial Hospital where he was taken with non-life threatening I injuries. Police also found several motor vehicle violations on his truck. Reports say in addition to Herooin, they found drug paraphernalia, including hypodermic needles. Shenk was taken to Livingston County jail on $4,000 bond.

Be careful on the roadsdeer are on the moveand that are mating which means the does and bucks are more interested in each other than paying attention when near roads. The Livingston County Sheriff’s office says it has been busy with car-deer crashes, especially around dawn an dusk. Their adviceslow down, pay attention and if you do see a deer, don’t swerve. If you DO hit a deer, you should call the sheriff’s office right away, especially if the animal is still alive and poses a danger.
A Livingston County pet owner is facing charges after officials found she had a cat which was infested with fleas. Officials say 28 year old Barbara Lynk-Cooke of Geneseo now faces a misdemeanor charge of Animal Neglect. The cat had to be euthanaized because of the fleas and other health problems. Officials say the charges show they take animal neglect very seriously and that anyone who has a pet should realize the legal responsibility that comes with owbership.

And if your Internet was down yesterday, you weren’t alone, Officials say a glitch took downs thousands of users across the U S including some in our area. The problem was not with local providers but with a main Internet backboneand so users were bumped off line for at least an hour and a half around noontime. No major problems were reported but some businesses say they were at least inconvenienced by the outage.

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