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Tuesday October 31 2017

The Conesus The Zoning Board of Appeals has said No to a permit that would have allowed the controversial renovation the MyersInn to move ahead. The 3 to 2 vote means the stalled project will head back to court where a judge had ruled that the board would have to act first before he could issue a ruling in a case brought by nearby property owners. Those residents say the construction is out of character for their lake front neighborhooddevelopers say the building meets all the legal requirements.

The Livingston County drug task forced has busted a man who they say had 25 pounds of marijuana that he planned to sell. They say 43 year old Tony Hyung of Geneseo had already dealtt more than 100 pounds of the drug thathe had shipped in from California before he was caught. Hyung was arrested when he picked up his latest delivery in Geneseo and is being held on $10,000 Bond. The Task force, which include members of several local police departments says residents can do their part by anonymously reporting any drug activitylarge or smallthough the Take Action link on the sheriff;s department’s website.

It should be a dry, but somewhat chilly night for trick or treaters. chances of rain are expected to end by nightfall, Forecasters say it will be chilly and breezy. By the time trick-or-treaters set out, the temperature will be about 43 degrees. Sunset is at 6:05 p.m.Police are urging caution with so many extra people along the roads

Election day is a week from today and a number of seats are up for grabs. Among themtwo positions on the town council in Ossian. Two republicans–Patrick Jaeger and Louise Pataneand Democrat Reha Walker are looking to fill the positions. All three say they would work hard to keep the town’s finances on order ands make sure taxes are kept as low as possible. Voting is at.Ossian Town Hall on Ossian Hill Rd

The family of a woman shot and killed by Canandaigua police are asking for an independent investigation into her death. Parole officer Sandy Guardiola was shot and killed during a welfare check earlier this month. According to a state investigation, when Sergeant Scott Kadien entered the woman’s apartment, she opened fire and he shot back, killing her. Now Guardiola’s family and the Reverend Al Sharpton want the state attorney general to investigate. The case is going to a grand jury in Ontario County.

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