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Tuesday, October 24 2017

No major problems reported from the overnight winds. Some gusts over 30 miles an hour were miles an hour were reported and authorities had warned that some trees and limbs could fall. The unseasonably warm weather will apparently blow away soon though and it will me more seasonable through the week.

Police continue to look for a man they say held up a Dansville Pizza Shop. The man entered Pizza Corners around 8 on Thursday evening, threatened the two employees with a gun grabbed grabbed cash from the register and took off with a few hundred dollars. The workers the shop were shaken up but not hurt. Police say the only description they have is that the suspect was a dark-complected white male with dark hair wearing a dark blue hoodie. Dansville police are asking anyone with any information to contact them.

Dansville police are investigating a crash that took down a pole. The crash at the Denny’s was caught on video surveillance early Monday. Police say inspectors will be going over the truck to see if any mechanical problems caused the crash.. There were no injuries

A fire last week in West Sparta is being called arson. Authorities now say that abandoned and foreclosed building on Presbyterian road is under investigation by several agencies. Nobody was hurt

A Rochester judge who has been in the middle of a controversy and allegations of dunk driving is being held at in Livingston county jail Judge Leticia Astacio is being held;d in Livingston county as legal proceedings continue for he in Rochester. She was convicted last year of DWI but later arrested again after a positive test from an ignition lock she was supposed to be using before driving. The judge is still in office and is getting $173,000 a year in that capacity.

Electronic cigarette use will soon be banned in New York bars and workplaces, and some places outdoors. Last night, Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law adding vaping to the Clean Indoor Air Act. E-cig users will be able to vape anywhere tobacco smokers are allowed to smoke. The changes are set to go into effect next month.

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