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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

An emotional first day of testimony in the case of a man accused of killing a woman in Caledonia and them setting her body on fire. Prosecutors painted 35 year old Aykut Ozkanyak as a cold blooded killed who drugged and smothered P{Patrice miller and then lit her on fire on Lacey Road on July 4th, 2016. Ozkaniak’s lawyer says the case against his client is weak and that accomplice Mary Neverett cut a deal to testify against Ozkaniak, Neverett has already pled guilty and sentenced to 20 years. Testimony continues today in Livingston County Court.

State police have arrested a man they say was drunk and caused a crash in the Town of Caledonia. 25 year old Joseph Consiglia of Victor is accused of driving over the center line on Route 5 year Lowry Road and slamming head on into an oncoming car. The other driver wasn’t seriously hurt. Police say a blood test showed that Consiglia’s alcohol level was .12over the legal limit of .08.He;s due back in town court later this month

The DMV and DEC are warning driverswatch out for deer. Collisions between deer and vehicles are more likely during the months of October, November, and December because the animals are on the move during breeding season. DEC commissioner Basil Segos says it’s a good idea to pay extra attention espcially around dawn and dusk-and that deer crossing signs are a tip that derr have been sighted in that area and have collided with vehciles nearby. The advice if you see a deer in or along the road, slow down, brake firmly but don’t swerve. The DEC has more information on its website.

A nearly ten-million-dollar lottery ticket sold in Monroe County last week still hasn’t been claimed. Reports say New York Lottery ticket that matched all six numbers drawn was sold at the Hegedorns Market in Webster and is worth nine-point-eight-million-dollars. The ticket can be redeemed up to one year after the drawing.

Senator Chuck Schumer says Vice President Mike Pence is trying to sell Upstaters a false bill of goods. The vice president was in Buffalo Tuesday President Trump’s tax plan saying it would be good for average taxpayers. Schumer disagrees, said the plan will strip New Yorkers of the ability to deduct local and state taxes from their federal returns. State Senator Patrick Gallivan says estimate the tax plan could the averagewesternNew Yorker more than 45-hundred-dollars a year.

Reform for New York jail inmates in solitary confinement is coming. , Governor Cuomo has announced that the state Commission of Correction is issuing new regulations to make solitary confinement conditions fairer. One of the major changes is inmates in solitary will get at least four hours a day outside their cells.

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