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Thursday, October 5, 2017
The way the village of Geneseo bills for sewer use is changing. The Village board of trustees has voted to charge based on usage, rather than the traditional fixed flat rate. The new structure means businesses, industrial users, residences and commercial properties will be charged an annual sewer rent of $240, payable quarterly, for each separate unit of occupancy for each 15,000 gallons of water during the quarter. Mayor Richard Hatheway says the change will mean some residents will have to pay more. The change comes after a court decsion said it was unfair to have landlords pay for usage and residenst pay the flate fee.

Governor Cuomo is asking the SUNY board of trusteees to allow Puerto Ricans and U.S. Virgin Islanders to go to college at in-state tuition rates.But one local assemblyman says the move is pure politics. Assemblyman Joe Errigo says the move is aimed at ppositioning the govenor for a possible run for president in 20-20. Both U.S. territories have more residents listing their state of birth as New York than any other. The governor says this would go a long way to helping young people displaced by the stormserrio says helping purto rico is a laudablle goal, but that the proposed tuition break is in his wordsa propand will do nothing to help.

Livingston County Downtown Partnership is asking for public help in a survey that will be used to guide economic development efforts. The partnership has hired a New York City based consultant to do a study, that will include a chance for public participation. The first meeting will focus on Dansville. Its scheduled for Oct. 12 from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the North Dansville Town Hall, while later the same day, there will be a meeting about Geneseo, Leicester, Mount Morris and Nunda. That will take place from 4:30 to 6:30 at the county government center. A third meeting will be held October 13th at Livonia town hall from 9 to 10:30 AM, focusing on Livonia and Lakeville. When the work is done done, planners say the study will be a tool to help weigh options for development in the county’s nine downtown districts.

The Livingston County Health department is offering free mammograms to eligible women this month. The screeings will be available fopr women over 40 with no insuranbce at two eventson October 18th at Noyes Heath Services in genseo and October 20th at Noyes Memorial Hsopital in Dansville. Thgere is more information available from the health department.

There are still many questions after an off-duty parole officer was killed in a police-involved shooting in Canandaigua.It happened after an exchange of gunfire with police at the Pinnacle North Apartments on Wednesday. It isn’t known how the parole officer was involved in the incident.

The kind of stock used on the gun in the Las Vegas massacre is not legal in New Yorkand one lawmaker from California wants to make that the law in the rest of the country too. The bump stock can be added on to semi automatic weapons making them shoot like an automatic weapon. The weapons add on is still legal in several statesbut is not allowed legally in New York.

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