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WDNY Local News, Monday, September 25, 2017


Monday, September 25, 2017

A woman who was involved in a rollover crash last week is now facing drug possession charges. Deputies have charged Cristina C. Vanvolkenburg  of Livonia after that crash on Thursday morning. Police believe she fell asleep at the wheel before that crash on South Livonia Road—and although they don’t believe she was impaired, investigators say they found a quantity of pills that Vanvolkenburg didn’t have a prescription for. There were no injuries

A man arrested on 390 is facing charges of driving without a license—for the 32nd time, from 16 different states. 39 year old Durune Hill is facing those unlicensed operation charges—and also a felony charge on an active warrant issued by the Livingston County Family Court. Hill was taken to the county jail on $7,500 bond.

Welfare fraud charges have been filed against a woman from Pennsylvania, who is accused of getting more than $3,400 worth of food stamps she wasn’t entitled to Sheriff’s deputies say 34 year old  Brittany Layne of Elkland, Pennsylvania failed to disclose child support payments December of 2015 and April of 2016, when she was getting those state benefits. She is facing several felony charges

 Governor Cuomo is urging people to lend a helping hand to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.  Less than a week ago, Hurricane Maria battered the Caribbean island, leaving locals desperate in a communications and power blackout.  Cuomo announced statewide recovery efforts for Puerto Rico. He’s asking those who want to donate money to do so through reputable charities.

The warm weather looks like it will stick around a few more days. It was a record breaker in Rochester on Sunday—91—beating the old record that had stood for 45 years. Records could fall the rest of the week too—before a late week cool down. Experts say the warm summer like weather could be good for fall foliage—which is about to enter its most colorful, final phases.