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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Some Livingston County government services could be consolidated under a plan presented to the state. County administrator Ian Coyle says there could be savings of up to $175,000 dollars if the ideas are adopted. The County Shared Services Panel has come up with consolidations in four areasgrant writing, highway equipment, document scanning and ambulance services. The state is offering financial incentives if municipalities agree to work together to save money.

A man from Avon and charged with burglary in a case that started with the theft of a lawnmower in Avon. Police say 38 year old Everett Ross broke into a neighbors shed ands stole that mowerand then they say he pawned it in Rochester. During the investigation. Deputies say they also found a dog, a cat, a turtle, an amphibian and a fish, all left without food and water in a home that police say Ross shares with his live in girlfriend. That woman, 34 year old Jennifer Boyce, has been charged along with Ross with animal cruelty. He is in Livingston County Jail because of past felony convictionsshe was given an appearance ticket on the animal cruelty charges.

An apparent road rage incident has led to charges against a man from Scottsville. The Livingston County Sheriff’s office says 51 year old Jay price was backing a boat trailer into a driveway on east lake road when a passing motorist honked at price as the driver slowed to go around. Price then allegedly ran into the roadway and punched the rear quarter panel of the passing car. In addition to criminal mischief charges for that, Price facing drug charges too because deputies say they found cocaine during a search as he was being processed into the county jail

Livingston County is one of the safer counties in the state of New York. New-york-upstate.com ranked New York’s 62 counties by number of people to number of violent and property crimes in 2016 . Livingston County made the list at number 43. Monroe Countyis among the most dangerouscoming in at number 9.

Talk about a golden ticket! ONE winner in last night’s powerball drawingand unless you;ve been to New England and back this week, it wasn’t you. The ticketsold in Watertown Mass is worth three-quarters of a billion dollars, before taxes. Its the biggest one ticket winner ever in the game. Three people in New York ALMOST made the big money5 of 5 but not the powerball. One of the million dollar tickets was sold in Cheektowaga, the others in New York City.

Here’s something you don’t see every dayunless you’re in Australia. Drivers along route 96 In Trumansbug , near Ithaca were startled by a KANGAROO that apparently had bounced off from the Trumansburg fair on Monday afternoon. Witnesses say told the Ithaca Voice workers from the fair took about five minutes to get the animal under control and back to its enclosure. No word from the fair on how the Kangaroo was able to hop away.

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