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Monday August 21, 2017

It’s eclipse day. The eclipse will block out about 70-percent of the sun in the area during max eclipse at 2:35 and the experts are reminding people again.. the only safe way to watch it directly is to wear those special glasses. If you’re driving, Triple A is also reminding about the obviousdon’t try to even PEEK at the peak when you’re behind the wheel. They also say putting your headlights on, even though it’s won’t get as dark as night, will help you be more visible to other drivers who may not be paying as much attention to the road as you are.

A Livingston County man who admitted of throwing a baby against a wall has received a harsh prison sentence. 23 year old Matthew Sackett of Springwater has been sentenced to 10 years for injuring his own infant son earlier this year. In addition, once he does get out,. Sackett has an additional 8 year no contact order with the victim. Prosecutors say they had gotten a break last December when he was put on probation on charges that he and the baby’s mother had sex while she was a minor. Assistant D A Justin Hill says he wishes the sentence could have been even more tough but that he’s satisfied that justice was done

A popular night spot in Geneseo is closed for now, but its owner says it may re-open sometime this fall. Rocco Dragani says when the Statesmen does re-open, it will be alcohol free because he doesn’t want to pay what he considers an exorbitant amount to get a state liquor license. He says he still wants his club to be a good placeespecially for studentsto dance and enjoy music. So far, no word on when the Statesmen will open its doors again for dancing.

Livingston County republicans have heard from a potential candidate from Governor next year. State Sen. John A. DeFrancisco was on hand as the party committee celebrated it’s 50th anniversaryand acknowledged that he was thinking of running because the state needs change and that if party leader’s agree that he has the right ideas, he’ll jump in. DeFrancisco, is the state Senate Deputy Majority Leader and represents most of Onondaga County and parts of three other counties

Governor Cuomo has joined with faith based leaders across the state in condemning hate and white supremacy. Cuomo says he and 125 clergy members, rabbis and ministers across the state have signed a letter condemning hate. The governor says said while Washington wavers, New York stands strong in the face of hate. Reverend Doctor William Huston Wilkinson of the Institute of the Welcoming Way in Rochester was one of those from the region who signed that letter as well.

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