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Friday August 18, 2017

Livingston county has locked in its 4 percent sales tax until 20-20. The county board of supervisors has agreed to keep that tax after state lawmakers approved its extension across new York earlier this year. That rate has been the same since 2003 when it was bumped up from 3 percent to pay for the county’s share of Medicaid expenses. The 4 percent rate brings in about 8 million dollars a year

A man from Wayland is facing charges after a Livingston county sheriff’s deputy found him passed out behind the wheel of a stopped car on Dalton Road in Lima. Police say when they finally roused the driver, identified asRyan D. Wiemer he was sitting on a hypodermic needle. Weimer is charged with drug and paraphernalia possession and impaired driving. He was arraigned in Geneseo town court and sent to the county jail on $1,500 bond

Livonia firefighters now have a new tool to use for agricultural accidents. They’ve been awarded a grain bin rescue tube though a program sponsored by nationwide insurance and the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety. The department was one of 32 departments in rural areas of 15 states to get that gearwhich is worth $2,600 dollars. Livonia FD Chief Paul Dwyer says even though the tube may be used in rare cases, it could potentially be a lifesaver in those situations as it was in Kansas in 2015 when it was used by rescuers to save a man who had fallen into a silo full of grain.

It’s not too late to get a pair of eclipse glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse. The eclipse will block out about 70-percent of the sun in the area during max eclipse at 2:35 and the only safe way to watch it directly is to wear those special glasses. the next one is Monday afternoon.. The glasses are available at certain libraries, the Rochester Museum and Science Center and online retailers. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible in the continental United States was in the 1970s and the next one won’t be until April, 2024
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A celebration of all things Italian this weekend in Mt. Morris. For the second year in a row, Bellamy park will be the site of the 21st annual Italian festival, beginning this evening featuring music, arts and crafts, fireworks on Saturday night and a car show on Sunday. Buses will be available to shuttle visitors back and forth from Main Street to the festival location.

Today is the deadline to register to vote for this year’s primaries in New York. There are several local contested primaries next month that will decide who’s on the ticket in November. State officials recommend going online to the DMV website to register to vote.

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