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Here are the top stories for Wednesday August 10th, 2017
The Conesus town board has approved a law that allows so called legacy business that existed before zoning laws went into effect to bypass those rules. Some residents had objected, saying it would allow the owners of the owners of the Conesus Inn to continue with their renovation projecta project that nearby residents say is out of character with their neighborhoodand would allow other older business to expand uncontrollably. Work on the Inn has been stopped by a lawsuit and even though the ordinance has now been changed, that legal fight is expected to continue.

There could be new life for the Jack Evans Center is Hemlock. The town of Livonia voted last year to stop spending money on the building that was once the Hemock School because it couldn’t afford the annual consists of maintaining it. Community groups which had rented out space inside from the town set out to find a way to keep things open and now, it looks like they have. They have set up a non profit to take over the building and state lawmakers are on their way to approving a change in state law to allow the town to sell the property the group. Members of the Little Lakes Community Association and the Town board say it is a situation where everyone wins. Association members say the Center could become a hub for local arts, business and tourism.

A man who was seen driving his car into another vehicle at an Avon Gas station earlier this year has pleaded guilty. 62 year old Lon Jarell could get from one to 3 years in prison for drunk driving. Video shows Jarell careening into a car that was at the pumpDutch Hollow Market. On Rte. 20 last January 19th . No one was injured. The charge was a felony because of a previous DWI conviction. This time, Jarell’s blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit.

Some people in Geneseo have been targeted by a scam involving fake bank account statements. Police chief Eric Osganian says residents have reported getting a real looking statement seeming to come from Citizens Bank, asking for personal information to verify the account shown. The chief says if you get a letter like that and think it’s suspicious you should call your bank and also report that attempted fraud to police.

A new rule is requiring females detained by police in New York to be provided feminine hygiene products. The rule adopted by the state Commission of Corrections requires police detention facilities to have tampons and pads available at their own expense. County jails, state correctional facilities and juvenile facilities were already required to provide those products. This was not passed as a law this year, but the Commission of Corrections still addressed the issue.

A baby is expected to survive after being abandoned for three days in a trash bag in Chemung County. Police in Elmira arrested Harriette Hoyt of Sayre, Pennsylvania on Tuesday after her eight-month-old daughter was found by neighbors in a trash bag behind the house. The baby was reportedly filthy but now is in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. The 17-year-old mother is being charged with attempted murder and faces up to 25-years in prison if convicted.

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