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Here are the top stories for Wednesday August 9th, 2017

A woman from Scottsville is accused of being a lead-footed driver. Police say they clocked 21 year old Megan Rudley doing 107 in a 55 mile and hour zone on Route 20 in the town of York and also say she was going that fast while drunk. She was cited for both. offensesand is due back in court to face those charges.

Some people in Lima want to bring something new to the Mark Tubbs Park in the village. They have started a petition drive supporting a splash pad to the park on Ziegler drive, saying it would gave kids and their families something fun to do and also could boost nearby business by attracting people to the area. Organizers say they want to get 500 signatures on the website change dot org. and if they do, they’ll make an official request to Village Mayor Carl Luft. Luft says say it is an interesting idea, but there are questions, about who would pay for it and how it would be kept safe

Wegman’s supermarket has started a new home-delivery service in Rochester, but shoppers in Geneseo will have to wait for that door to door service. The chain says they have no plans to bring the idea to any more of its 93 stores outside the ones in Rochester and will evaluate demand its partnership with the online company Instacart before deciding on any wider rollout

The Castile camp employee accused of drunkenly falling asleep in a seven-year-old girl’s camper is now facing sex charges. Yesterday, it was reported that 20-year-old Nicholas Maroney was accused of sexual misconduct for relations with a 16-year-old camper. State police say these charges stem from an investigation that began because he drunkenly fell asleep in the wrong cabin at the YMCA Genesee Camp Hough last week. Maroney is behind bars in Wyoming County without bail.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is calling President Trump’s threats against North Korea reckless. Yesterday, the North Korean state-run news agency KCNA reported that the nation’s military was looking at operational plans to launch nuclear missiles at Guam. Trump threatened that any more threats against the U.S. would result in fire and fury being unleashed, the likes of which the world has never seen. Schumer called for firm and deliberate action but said reckless rhetoric wouldn’t keep America safe.

Actress Cynthia Nixon isn’t ruling out a run for governor of New York. The actress known best for her role as Miranda on the show Sex In The City confirmed yesterday on the “Today” show that she had heard the rumors about her running. She didn’t confirm or deny the rumors about her challenging Governor Cuomo for the Democratic spot on next year’s ticket.SyracuseMayor Stephanie Minor has also been mentioned as a possible brought into the discussion as a possible challenger to the governor from within his own party.

Millions of dollars are going to feed the hungry inwesternNew York and the Finger Lakes. Governor Cuomo announced that several local emergency food-relief organizations were being awarded about six-million-dollars. Cuomo says this will help ensure that the most vulnerable New Yorkers will be able to put food on their tables.

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