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Here are the top stories for Thursday, June 27th, 2017
Electric bills could be going up for customers of National Grid. The utility is asking the state to allow a rate increase that could add $8.93 a month to an average bill. Some advocacy groups say that’s too much, with family budgets already trimmed to the bone, but national grid says it will offset that increase for many low income customers by adding 50 million dollars to its energy affordability program. The company says it needs more revenue to fix up old infrastructurethings like power lines and transmission towers. There will be a public hearing on the request at 2pm and 6pm on Tuesday, Aug. 1 in Buffalo.

The problem of Feral cats in the Village of Geneseo will be the topic of a meeting next week. That session on July 31st will focus on what’s being done to control the catsand what else can be done to address the issue. Village trustee Mary Rutigliano says its’ important for the community to talk about what to do because the large wild cat population could potentially be a threatto both humans and their pets. That meeting will be held at the County Government center starting at 7:00 PM

The debate over a proposal to change zoning laws in the town of Conesus goes on, with the town board deciding to continue discussion of the plan at a meeting in August. At issue is a change that would potentially allow the controversial renovation of the Conesus Inn to go on. Some residents want the board to reject the idea and that the public has already made its feelings clear. Others say the board is doing the right thing by trying to settle the issue. Some nearby residents say the Inn project is out of character and too big for their Lake Rd. Neighborhood.

You may notice a change in your water starting this weekend in Geneseo. The village is flushing its Hydrants starting at 5am Sunday and continuing though Friday, August 4th. If you do see a drop in pressure or a slight discoloration from the tap, its should be only temporary.

A SUNY Geneseo Graduate is doing quite well for himself on TV. 2011 Graduate Justin Voslerwho is a history teacher near Syracuseis now a five day champion on Jeopardy, with an impressive $110,000 to show for it. He’ll try to move on tonightand increase his chances of returning to the show for the Tournament of Champions in the fall. He won the most recent game, even though he didn’t know the Final Jeopardy Answer in the category Novels–A man can be destroyed, but not defeated is a line from this 1952 book, later a Spencer Tracy film . Of course YOU knew it was The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

The Coast Guard is warning Lake Ontario boaters to watch out for submerged items.With the lake level still very high boating safety is a big concern for the Coast Guard. One official says that they’ve had to respond several times for people who’ve lived in the area forever hitting objects that usually are above the water level.

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