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Here are the top stories for Thursday June 13, 2017

There could soon be a new walking trail around the village of Geneseo. The Association for the Preservation of Geneseo is studying the idea of a kind of green belt around the town that would use some existing pathways and create some new ones to make a ten mile ring. Village trustees say they like the idea and are encouraging the group to pursue the plans. They say connecting the village’s public spaces makes sense and could end up being a real asset.

It’s a big weekend at the national warplane museum in Geneseo with the annual airshowand organizers say they could still use volunteers to help out with the event. The show features vintage warbirds and areal displays at the field on Big Tree Lane. You can find out more about the showand ways you can help outby visiting the museum’s Facebook page.

A man from Conesus is accused of stealing lottery tickets from a store there. 52 year old Burt Lyon is facing petit larceny charges after police say he reached across the country and took more than a dozen scratch off tickets from behind the counter of the Westlake Station after the clerk stepped away. Lyon is due in Geneseo town court next week.

State police have charged a man from Lima with robbery and harassment after a reported altercation with a woman at Mark Tubbs Memorial Park. Edward Welsh Junior was picked up in Monroe county after the woman reported he had forcibly taken a silver chain off her neck after the two had a fight. Welsh was taken to Livingston County jail on those felony and misdemeanor charges on $4,000 bond and is due back in court next month.

A man from Springwater who is on the state’s sex offender registry is accused of failing to update his address. 30 year old Jordan Head is a level one offender which means officials think he is at a low risk to re-offend, but he still has to notify authorities of his whereabouts. After he was arrested, and taken to court, Head was released on $2,000 bond.

A State Trooper seriously hurt in a Steuben County crash is finally returning home. Trooper Craig Foglia has spent the last seven weeks in a Rochester hospital after a truck slammed into him when he was conducting a traffic stop on I-86. The Kessler Trauma center tweeted yesterday that they were happy to discharge Foglia after his devastating accident.

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