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Here are the top stories for Thursday, July 6th

A close call at the newly restored bear fountain in Geneseo. Police say a driver scraped the fountain Wednesday morning as he drove around it on but luckily there was only a scuff mark on the stone and no other damage, The driver says he misread the turn at Main and Center Streets where the fountain sits,. Since it was put back up last week, the fountain had to be shut off over the weekend because someone put soap in the water and police say the have had to chase off people who went in for a dip.

When Livingston county auctions off foreclosed properties later this month, there were be fewer properties on the block than ever before. According to county treasurer Amy Mann, the gavel will fall on 28 properties on July 27th and that number could even be lower. Mann says while auctioning off property for back taxes is never good news but that the drop this month signals that more people are able to keep their taxes from going delinquent. The 2017 auction is scheduled for 6 PM on the 27th at the County Highway Department, on Gypsy Lane in, Mount Morris.

The state has given the OK to Livingston county’s plans to set up a land bank to help restore vacant and tax delinquent properties. State officials recently increased the number of those land banks allowedand says Livingston County’s request meets all the rules set down. County administrator Ian Coyle says there are around 225 properties countrywide that could benefit from such a program by being re-used for residential or commercial development State Senator Catherine Young calls the state decision good news for Livingston county.

Lake Ontario is expected to drop more than half a foot this month. The Army Corps of Engineers issued a report in the last week that says the water level will likely drop seven inches before August.Even so, the water will still be above the average level . Officials think the lake will continue to fall more than two feet more by November.

New Yorkers on public assistance may lose when winning the lottery. The state has reclaimed nearly 20-million-dollars in lottery prizes since 2013 from winners who were on welfare.Reports say that any prize over 600-dollars now has to go through a state review before the winner can get paid. to claim the prize. The state can take up to half of the winnings to help pay back what welfare recipients have received.

Flags at state buildings are are at half staff today in memory of a new York City police officer who was ambushed and killed while Wednesday. The governor says officer Miosotis Familia was simply doing her job when she was shot as she sat in a police car in the Bronx. The shooter was later shot dead during a shootout with other NYPD officers. The governor says Law enforcement officers across New York put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities and that this case shows the dangers that service can carry

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