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Here are the top stories for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Main and Center street in the village of Geneseo will be abuzz today, as crews work to replace the Bear fountain that was damaged when a truck ran into it in 2016. Emmeline the bear who sits atop the fountain will be hoisted back into place as part of the work. It’s taken since April 2016 to do the job and now illage officials, including mayor Dick Hatheway, say an iconic part of Geneseo will be home again

Some people in Springwater don’t like the town’s proposed comprehensive plan and they are letting their voices be heard. They say the town board has ripped up the proposal that was submitted late last year in favor of what the residents calla generic plan that ignores many of the recommendations that were discussed as it was being written. The town board says it will listen to those concerns before issuing the final draft of the proposal on August 7th.

Mt. Morris police say a new high tech device helped them stop an apparently stolen vehicle. Officers were able to use the star chase gps enabled darts to successfully disable the car, whose drivers had refused to pull over on 390 and led officers into the village. The two suspects, who had allegedly stolen the car in Rochester. were arrested. Officers say using the dart prevented what could have turned into a dangerous pursuit through the village.

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a woman from Rochester and charged her with having more than 5 dozen pills that weren’t hers. Reports say 24 year old Jessey Hyde was stopped on Rts 5 and 20 in the Town of Avon and when police searched her vehicle they say they found 64 Klonapin pills that she had no prescription for. She drug possession charges and was taken to the Livingston County jail on $1,000 bond.

Governor Cuomo is calling state lawmakers back toAlbany He has issued the proclamation to reconvene Senators and Assembly members for what he calls an “extraordinary” legislative session today They’re due back this afternoon to consider legislation extending mayoral control of New York City schools for one year, but the fate of that extension is also tied into discussion about extending permission to the rest of the state’s counties to impose anything over a three percent sales tax. Both sides expect that matter to be worked out

New York is cracking down on underage drinking at concerts this summer. Governor Cuomo announced the success of “Operation Prevent” with more than 100 arrests in the Finger Lakes Region so far this summer. These arrests mostly stem from youngsters trying to buy alcohol with fake IDs at the Chance the Rapper show and other Darien Lake Performing Arts concerts over the past month.

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