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Here are the top stories for Wednesday June 14, 2017

A Rochester man who killed his sister in a hunting accident in Caledonia is trying to get his hunting license back. John Lander pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide for the death last year and was given a conditional discharge, weekends in jail for four months and prohibited to have hunting privileges. Yesterday in court he asked that he be allowed to bow hunt. The judge said no, but he was allowed to apply for a hunting license.

A man from Mt. Morris has admitted having child porn on on his computer agreed to a sentence of weekends in jail and 10 year’s probation. 20 year old Kyle Kibler pleaded guilty to the charges in Livingston county court–telling the judge that the images found earlier this year were of children under the age of 16. In addition to the jail time and probation, Kibler will also have to register as a sex offender, He is free on his own recognizance until his formal sentencing.

A woman from Lakeville has pleaded guilty to charges that she embezzled more than $50,000 dollars from her employer. 39 year old Kristy Peffers has admitted that she took that money from Onjax Realtors, where she worked on the company’s I-T staff, between February 2013 and her arrest last August. Prosecutors say Peffers used the company credit card for personal expenses. She will not do any time in jail, but will have to pay back the full amount within a year.

Officials say discarded shell casings after a round of target practice are now thought to be the cause of a fire Monday afternoon in Limia that heavily damaged a home there. Investigators say a resident was shooting from the back porch and that the hot casing sparked a fire in the mulch below–which spread to the house. Crews had to battle temperatures in the 90’s and deal with a lack of nearby hydrants to put out the fire. There were no injuries.

New York is one step closer to having self driving cars. Audi has become became the first company to have a self driving car on New York roads. Governor Cuomo said self driving cars can drastically improve safety. The test sedan drove took its first spin on six miles of than six miles safely through streets and highways around Albany earlier this week.

Experts say tiny ticks could cause big problems this summer. Health officials say the weather has been favorable for more ticks and that everyone,especially parents with small kids, should take precautions. The ticks can spread Lyme disease and other illnesses, so the advice is to check carefully after you or the kids have been out in the woods of fields. It’s also a good idea to use an insect repellent with DEET, to keep the bugs from biting

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