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Here are the top stories for Tuesday June 13, 2017
Firefighters in Lima had to battle both the flames and the air temperature as they tackled a fire that destroyed a home there on Monday. The alarm came in just before 4 PM from that home on Doran Rd–and took about 45 minutes to get the fire control. There is no official word on what may have caused it, but neighbors say there was no one home at the time. EMS personnel stood by as the firefighters did their jobs to make sure none were effected by the temperature, which was about 90 degrees at the time. Nobody was hurt.

Investigators now say the cause of a weekend fire that destroyed an apartment building in Mt. Morris was an accident caused by careless smoking. That fire left 7 people without a place to live after code enforcement office condemned the building on Trumbull Street. The Mt Morris Fire department says a local electrician driving by at the time on Saturday morning may have saved lives by using the ladder from his truck to reach people who were trapped on the upstairs floors. The Red Cross is helping the people who were burned out of their homes. Two dogs were killed in the fire.

A man from Nunda has admitted that he assaulted a 22 week old baby and is now expected to got to jail for the next ten years. 22 year old Matthew Sackett pleaded guilty to the charges against him in Livingston County Court that he threw the baby against a wall back in February. The child was in his care at the time. and is still recovering from injuries including significant brain trauma. Sackett already had a long criminal history, including charges that he raped a 15 year old last year.

Sheriff’s deputies have charged a man from Nunda with several crimes after they say he assaulted a woman during a domestic dispute as two children looked on. 32 year old Curtis Yeoman is accused of choking the woman and throwing onto a bed–and then leaving the scene. He was arrested later in Fillmore. Yeoman was taken to Livingston County Jail on $10,000 bond.

Lake Ontario’s water level is finally beginning to drop. A representative from the International Joint Commission says that for the first time since the flooding began, the water is receding slightly–. nearly two centimeters from a week ago. The IJC voted Monday to allow more water into the Saint Lawrence River to help normalize water levels quicker.

Rochester’s LGBTQ community is honoring the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando. Monday was the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that killed 49 people. Last night an event was held outside the Bachelor Forum club and people held signs and pictures of the victims in remembrance.

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