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Here are the top stories for Friday June 9, 2017
Some first responders in the area will have a crack at tickets to a Rochester Red Wings game next month courtesy of an area car dealer. Don Genova, who owns Genesee Valley Motors says he is making those tickets available to Rochester-area first responders, including those in Livingston County, as a way to say “thanks” to those who serve the community. The team is on board with the idea too and says it is happy to take part with those tickets to the Game at Frontier field on July 23rd against the Toledo Mud Hens. There is information about which departments are participating on a website that went live this week—FirstRespondersROC.com

The Livingston County planning board is weighing on controversial plans to change the rules that could allow reconstruction of the Conesus Inn on East Lake road to resume. The county board is recommending that the town reject the change that many neighbors say is a back door way for the project–which has been halted by a court ruling–to proceed. The town denies that and says the change has nothing to do with the current legal case . Those against the project say it is out of character for their neighborhood and would hurt property values. The town board doesn’t have to follow the county recommendations, but the town board says it will take the county’s concerns into consideration.

A new study says workers need to make $17.60 an hour to afford an average two bedroom apartment in Livingston County.The National Low Income Housing Coalition says that puts low income renters in a difficult position because the state’s minimum wage is $9.60 an hour. Livingston county is not alone–in fact the annual report says nowhere in the country can a person making minimum wage afford a two bedroom apartment without spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing. Overall, New york state is the fifth most expensive state for rentals behind only Hawaii, Washington D.C., California and Maryland.

A bill to curb what’s being called “revenge porn” is moving forward in New York. Yesterday the state Senate passed a bill yesterday that would make it illegal to share explicit pictures or videos without the subject’s permission to do so. This would apply even if they were consensually taken. The bill is moving to the Assembly

The legal age of marriage in New York is going up to 17. Governor Cuomo yesterday commended the state Senate and Assembly for passing the bill to end child marriage. Until recently New York was one of the few states where children as young as 14 could enter into marriage. Cuomo is expected to sign the bill into law.

It’s mosquito season–and experts say area property owners can do their part to keep those pesky bugs under control. Standing water is the prefect breeding ground for mosquitoes and pest control specialists say one way to help is to drain off as much water as possible. They say spraying can help, but that even with that, this could be a big year for bugs, especially in areas where high water over the past few weeks has made for for ideal conditions for mosquitoes to multiply.

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