WDNY Local News, Tuesday, May 9, 2017


    Here are the top stories for Tuesday, May 9
    A Geneseo woman is accused of being high on drugs when she drove to pick up her kids.  Police say that Jaleena Harrison left a three-year-old unattended in the car parked in the school bus loop at Geneseo Central School.  She’s facing felony DWI charges because of the minor in her car.  Harrison was ordered held at Livingston County jail–the girl is in the custody of her father.

    Geneseo Police have arrested a woman they say was passed out at the wheel and had hypodermic needles in plain sight inside her car. 35 year old Misty Tomczac of Rochester was alos charged with cocaine possession after officers found her unresponsive behind the wheel in the parking lot onf the 7-11 on Main Street. She was arraigned and taken to Livingston County jail on $2,000 bond.

    Autopsy results have been released after the death of a Geneseo High Graduate in Jefferson county   28-year-old Allen Robinson was found dead in the woods near his home there in March and State Police now say he was killed by a combination of exposure and a lethal amount of a bath salts type drug known as flakka..  Robinson’s death was ruled accident

    The Ways and Means committee of the Livingston County Board of supervisors says that the owners of a property in Springwater whose land has been cited as a public nuisance should have to pay for the cleanup. Neighbors have long complained about the property on Wrights Road -and the board of health is negotiating with the owners about a solution. County Administrator Ian Coyle says that negotiation should include figuring out what the cost would be and how to charge the owners for the work. The property is littered with garbage and is home to feral cats, chickens, a cow and a bull. People who live nearby say the mess has been there since at least 2004.

    Three people from the Orleans county Village of Holley are accused of staging a fight between several 13 and 14 year olds–as others stood by by and videotaped the brawl. Reports say the three people charged supervised–and encouraged the teens to fight , The three adults are charged  with endangering the welfare of a child and disorderly conduct. They are due back in court later this month.

    One  lawmaker is trying to fast track ridesharing Upstate.  More than 20 state lawmakers have signed a bill that would allow Uber and Lyft to operate in New York before the Fourth of July.  State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer says they’re working to bring ridesharing by June 29th. As of now the service will be legal as of July 9th because the budget was passed late. The lawmakers say fast tracking ride sharing is a matter of public safety because it would give people an alternative to driving after drinking.