WDNY Local News, Thursday, May 25, 2017


    Here are the top stories for Thursday, May 25, 2017

    School officials in the Honeyoye Falls-Lima school district have notified parents that a student there has whooping cough. The district says it is working with the Monroe County Heath department to keep an eye on the situation. In April, there was a confirmed case of Whooping cough–or pertussis–in Avon, but that student has recovered. The CDC recommends vaccines and boosters for almost everyone.

    A Livingston county based company has made an acquisition that could eventually lead to new jobs in the area. Allen-Bailey Tag and Label in Caledonia has bought the assets of a similar company in new Jersey that closed earlier this month. With the addition of Wise Tag & Label–Allan Bailey says it could pick up new clients and potentially add to it’s 100 person payroll. The firm has been around since 1911

    Talk about a lucky dog! State park police had to use ropes–and a drone–to find and rescue a missing dog that had gotten stuck in gorge at Letchworth state park on Monday. Skippy is a 6 year old hunting hound/border collie mix who wandered off from his owner over the weekend and ended up a couple hundred feet down. Crews couldn’t see Skippy–they could only hear his barks–so they used the drone to find him–and a rescue team member dropped down to harness the dog so he could be hoisted back to safety.

    The National warplane museum in Geneseo will turn back the clock in June–to remember D-Day. The museum will host a performance of a singing group called America’s Sweethearts to mark the anniversary of that invasion. The event will include a luncheon and displays of the World War two era planes–and speeches from some of the pilots who have flown them. The Museum is on Big Tree Road. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

    Lake Ontario may not be done rising.  Reports says that while the lake has stayed at about the same level for the past week, rain starting today could change it.  Water is being let into the Saint Lawrence River faster than any point in the past 20 years.  Lake water levels aren’t expected to peak until the middle of next month.

    A new effort to prevent suicides in the region. The Rochester Red Wings and other groups say they are teaming up for “Wings of Hope” to raise awareness and provide resources for those who need it.  They say they hope to start a conversation in In the region –and nationally about the issue