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Here are the top stories for Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Livingston County Grand jury has indicted a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend last fall in the town of York hamlet of Folwerville. Danielle Allen is charged with second degree manslaughter in connection with the death of 22 year old Marcus Postel last November 21. Allen will be arraigned on Wednesday. She has been free since posting bond shortly after her arrest. Allen’s father is a state police major–and so state police have not been involved in the case. Instead, the Livingston County sheriff’s office has used experts from the Monroe and Niagara County Sheriffs Offices as part of the investigation.

Livingston County is hoping to get a jump start on it’s application for two state grants to boost its downtowns. The two $20,000 grants would help create an assessment of those downtowns and ways they could attract new businesses and would review current design guidelines to come up with a county wide standard. Planners say the want to move ahead now, rather than wait for the state’s December deadline–which could mean in more completion from other regional projects

SUNY Geneseo is getting $125,000 a year for the next 5 years from the state to help fight underage drinking and drug use. The money, part of a 2.5 million dollar initiative announced by the governor, will go toward start up costs and hiring a full time College Prevention Coordinator. School officials say the expect the grant to end up reducing the number of underage students who drink–as well as cutting the overall number of alcohol and drug related problems on campus. Officials in the Village of Geneseo say the program will also help the overall quality of life for both students and residents.

An Ontario County deputy who died from a crash is being mourned. Deputy Joshua Shaver was injured in the crash more than two weeks ago in Hopewell and he died on Sunday from those injuries. He was off duty when a woman allegedly ran a stop sign and hit him. Yesterday deputies escorted Shaver’s body to a funeral home in Canandaigua.

Governor Cuomo is criticizing the commission that’s responsible for regulating Lake Ontario’s water level. The governor was in Rochester on Monday–saying International Joint Commission has made a series of blunders and needs to be reformed. While visiting flooded area, the governor also announced millions of dollars in funding to help homeowners who have been affected. Damage is already in the millions of dollars and the water may not go down for weeks

A big set of beer tanks is due to make it to the Genesee brewery today. Twelve tanks are coming to the brewery as part of a multimillion-dollar renovation. This will be the the end of their 225-mile journey from Albany on the Erie canal and hundreds of people have lined the canal along the way to watch the tanks pass by. The shipment has been delayed due to dangerous water levels.

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