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Here are the top stories for Friday, May 26, 2017
A man who reportedly admitted he is in the country illegally is in Livingston County jail after a traffic stop that led to several charges, including driving while high on drugs with a child in his car. Sheriffs deputies say 22 year old Brandon Ortiz of Brooklyn was pulled over after nearly causing a head on crash on Rt 63 in the town of York. Reports say Ortiz told the officers he was in the U S illegally–and a further investigation found he was impaired by drugs, with a four year old in the back seat. Ortiz was arraigned on several charges–and will be held on a detainer until he makes bail or is released–when he will be picked up s picked up by federal law enforcement officials. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says told the deputes who stopped him that he had been in the U S since 19-99.

A man from Bloomfield has been arrested and charged with driving with impaired by drugs and alcohol–and with possessing sever strips of the drug suboxone. Deputies stopped 59 year old Robert Wilcox on Rochester road for a traffic violation and say they spotted an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. As he was being processed at the Livingston County jail deputies say they discovered the suboxone hidden in Wilcox’s wallet. He has been released on his own recognizance

The U S Census Bureau says Livingston county is losing residents. Figures show a drop in the county’s population of about 1.7 percent–or 1,100–since the last census in 2010. 3 of the nine villages in the county added people–Geneseo, Leicester and Lima–while 4 of 17 TOWNS grew as well. The government provides an annual update to its count–until the next full census in 2020.
The town of Groveland says it will not allow any large scale solar projects–until officials can update the town code. The town board says there are no pending applications for big solar arrays, but that they want t be prepared if any such plans come up. Small solar panels on individual residences won’t be effected by that moratorium.

Students who want to apply for New York state’s new Excelsior college scholarship program will be able to apply starting early next month. The state has approved the rules for the program, which will allow for free tuition at any SUNY school as long as the family meets income requirements. The board says those who receive the scholarships will be able to use college credits earned in high school and those who take time off for the service will be allowed to resume their studies once their military commitment is done. The application period starts June 7th,

Kodak is rolling out its new smartphone domestically. The company has launched the “Ektra” in the U.S. and It’s being called a “photo first” smartphone. The 21-megapixel phone already has a following in the United Kingdom. The smartphone features a noticeably pronounced camera lens on the back and boasts extremely high quality pictures and videos. The Ektra starts at 400-dollars and can be found online or at select retailers.

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